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New U.S. Local Directory

by Robo
Directory Journal Local City Map

Directory Journal Local City Map

After numerous requests from clients of the Directory Journal and also promoters of US websites we decided to meet their demands by building a comprehensive US Local directory. After many months of planning, design and the general thrashing of ideas we are proud to announce that Directory Journal Local is now live and ready to help promote your US businesses large and small.

Local directories are designed to offer a greater degree of information than general web directories, and the Directory Journal Local surpasses all of these expectations and enables you to place as much information as you want including your business image and logo, opening times and personalized information about any special offers all designed to give as much information to your clients including a detailed map with directions, telephone numbers and more importantly your full postal address including any ZIP Codes.

As well as providing this important information your advertising in Directory Journal Local includes a link to your website, links to your social media pages, opening hours and times of business and the option to have your own personalized description up to 200 words.

There are currently two pricing options with payment re-occurring options:

Yearly Listing @ $109.95

Monthly Listing @ $14.95

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Listing Your Site:

Submitting your website to the Directory Journal Local is easy, starting with your official company title, your chosen lengthy and detailed description to promote your services to the US, image upload followed by the selection of your US region and city location.  Don’t forget to add your address with ZIP Code so that we can set your address on the map for clients to easily find you.

Once this is done you can upload your logo, add your website address and social media pages, email contact and your chosen package. That’s basically all there is to it with payment accepted conveniently by PayPal. If you make any mistakes to you have a chance to edit your listing before payment but don’t forget as with all Directory Journal submissions our expert editors will carefully checked through your description and either correct or add any information missing. Finally if you really need to have some assistance you can of course contact us through the site for a speedy reply.


A typical listing as shown above includes your chosen image with details of your address, phone number and any personalized information you would like to include to tempt clients to take advantage of your services. You can either scroll through the listings or select the tabs above to find a map view with driving directions.

Everything you need to let your clients know that you are open for business in their area with the added bonus of being promoted in the Directory Journal Local, sister site to the very highly respected Directory Journal.

Choosing the Right Category

Typical category examples include, shopping, travel, tourism and lodging through to automotive sales and services, dentistry and cosmetic and plastic surgery.  The directory is still growing and although it has a vaste selected of categories for you to choose from we are more than happy to add any category to any U.S state that is not already included, so if you have a site dedicated to the sale of patio furniture in Albion, Nebraska and you want to promote your site just contact us through the site and request the category be built.  We are here to help you be found and happy to go that bit further to get you and your U.S service seen.

Every city location has a dedicated city map as shown above followed by a personalized location map with each listing so that you can not only identfy the exact location of the service being offered but also to assist with driving or travel directions.

Check out this new and exciting local U.S. directory by clicking the Directory Journal U.S. Local Directory link highlighted left.

The site is designed to promote your U.S business to all areas of the USA and does that very well as well as being a comprehensive guide that will in time offer a very large detailed local service map for all areas of the U.S.

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