The Ultimate Guide To Dream Journals

A dream can be defined as a series of images playing in the mind while the subject is asleep. At times, dream can appear so real that a person may feel he or she is actually going through the experience. The person may even hear sounds or feel strong emotions in the dream. Scientists, psychologists and researchers have always been puzzled by this phenomenon of the mind.

Sigmund Freud, in his famous book An Interpretation of Dreams, introduced the idea of relating dreams to personality and real life. He theorized that dreams can be a great tool to analyze and understand the psychology of a person. A dream journal is essentially used to record dreams and experiences during the dream to achieve this purpose.

A dream journal is used to record and keep track of details of dreams. The simple act of keeping a journal helps you remember and recall dreams. The idea behind keeping a dream journal is simply to know what you have been dreaming about. This information can be of great help in case you have been trying to solve a problem or have been under undue stress due to some issue. Though there is no real relation between dreams and actual life, self-interpretation of dreams or getting dreams analyzed by an expert may help resolve psychological problems.

A dream journal can also help you understand yourself a little better. Reading through your dream journals and trying to interpret them may disclose an inner desire. For instance, a study by psychology students on dreams revealed some interesting facts. Most children related the events or images seen in the dreams to real life. In cases where they experienced some dangerous events in their dreams, it was interpreted that the dream is “telling” them to be careful in real life. Some children also reported continuing dreams, where it was interpreted by them that the dreams were connected in some way.

Starting a dream journal is quite easy. You can simply keep a diary or a notebook along with a pen next to your bed. After you wake up in the morning, try and recall your dream, and write everything you can remember in the diary. If you wake up in the middle of a dream, make sure you jot down some notes in your dream journal. This will help you recall and write the complete dream in the morning. An important thing to remember is to consciously think that you are going to recall your dream(s). This will condition your mind to remember the dreams and bring the dreams back to memory when you are noting it down.

Understanding what your dreams mean can be a difficult task. Don’t write the dreams with a thinking that they mean (or do not mean) anything. This approach may cause you to ignore important aspects of your dreams. The best results can only be obtained when you write freely, without any preconceived ideas in your mind. Make sure you record all the finer details to correctly interpret and analyze your dreams. A dream journal is a helpful tool in finding out more about yourself and what life means to you.

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