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How to Write a White Paper

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2013 Predictions: B2B Will Finally Stop Ignoring 80% of Small Business

Agencies Only Reach the Most Affluent Small Businesses The B2B services that all small businesses need are managed by affluent founders who do not always see themselves as affluent. Because they are not aware...

Ridiculous Licensing Requirements Damage SmallBiz MORE Than Taxes

Small business is being suffocated, new businesses can not open, and existing businesses are not hiring – and the reason is NOT higher taxes as politician would have you believe. It is ridiculous licensing,...

Small Business Recruiting and Hiring Process Management

Small businesses are the key to growing our economy because they create jobs. For small business to hire the best applicants and for talented people to find those new small jobs we can benefit...

10 of the Most Valuable Online Degrees

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Being Your Own Boss

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How to Use White Papers to Market Your Business

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If anyone was still in doubt over the legitimacy of Bitcoin, now we have what amounts to “proof” of its importance in the economy – at least the economy as MasterCard sees it.

MasterCard has lobbyists in Washington DC to presumably lobby against Bitcoin.

Specifically MasterCard has arranged for five lobbyists from Peck Madigan Jones to “look into” mobile payments and particularly Bitcoin. While this does not necessarily mean that MasterCard, one of the largest credit and debit companies recognized world-wide, is going to try to stymie Bitcoin, it’s unlikely that the payment giant is going to sing the praises [...]


It’s a simple question: Does Bitcoin have what it needs to survive? The answer should be simple as well – Yes! But in fact, the answer is actually much closer to – Not by a long shot. Does that mean that Bitcoin is on its way out? Again, not by a long shot. The trouble is nodes. Specifically full nodes.

The Growth of Bitcoin

Over the years, Bitcoin has continued to grow, and despite a few well-publicized bumps in the road, it is easy to see how well the computational strength of Bitcoin mining continues to increase. Bitcoin mining [...]

Consumers have a wide variety of banks to choose from. You can roll up to the drive-thru window of your local community bank or visit the teller at the regional branch of a national chain. You can sign on with an all-access credit union or use one exclusively open to people working for a particular employer. But the federal government has only one choice for banking, and that is the Federal Reserve.

History of the Fed

The Federal Reserve hasn’t been around forever. It was founded in 1913 to provide some unified banking oversight independent from the U.S. government. Although [...]

No matter what country you live in, you are connected to the rest of the globe through international trade. In your U.S. home, you may be using products made in China, eating bananas grown in South America, and wearing clothes made in India. Still, no matter how connected we all are, each country continues to maintain its own way of handling and managing money, its financial system, regulations and laws. Even more confusing, countries often have their own currency with a fluctuating value. When trading between countries, these variations create special challenges and sometimes disparities that necessitate the input and [...]

On January 1 of 2014, Overstock.com CEO, Patrick Byrne, rushed to get his company’s website ready for Bitcoins. He wanted to be one of the first major retail websites to accept the digital currency, and his employees felt the intensity of the moment. Forty Overstock employees put their collective minds to work and eight days later Overstock became the first household retailer to accept Bitcoins.

The first Bitcoin purchase was a patio set and one day later, almost $127,000 of merchandise was sold using Bitcoins. Today, just weeks later, Overstock.com, or O.co, is one of the most well-known retailers accepting [...]

It’s a common question.

Everyone has asked it at one point or another in the conversation about Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin legal?

The short answer is yes.

But if that was all there was to the matter, the question wouldn’t come up so frequently.

Bitcoin is absolutely legal, but it has been tied to illegal activities, hence the reputation blemishes.

Before you gasp in shock and give up any ideas of future Bitcoin investments, consider for a moment that illegal activities have been tied to virtually every currency in the world.

Regardless, just because bad people [...]

What is Money and Currency?

Bitcoin is a protocol. First and foremost. Surely, you’re confused when everyone keeps citing Bitcoin as money. It’s okay, the confusion can be daunting. Bitcoin is, by itself, a protocol. The currency (also known as money) just happens to be the very first application that was made on the Bitcoin protocol.

So, coming to Bitcoin money. It can be labeled as People’s currency.

Some even cite it as Internet currency. However you look at it – it is money.

So, before we talk about Bitcoins being money (or currency), what exactly is a Currency? What [...]

Wait, what was that noise? Oh, hey—that was the sound of the federal government flipping up their closed sign and opening for business again. Don’t worry; it shouldn’t take too long to get back to governing as usual. After all, this wasn’t the first time that the U.S. government has been shuttered. In fact, there have been 17 shutdowns in the past 37 years.

Still, it’s been a tense two weeks. Now that it’s over, let’s take a look at what prompted the shutdown and what problems could still be on the horizon.

New Year, New Budget—Or Not

On October [...]

While choosing a business name is important for any small business start-up, businesses also need to choose a domain name to correspond with a business name. Before thinking about an actual domain name, it’s important to choose an effective business name. A high quality business name will be:

Marketable and able to adapt to various branding efforts easily. Easy to remember, at least with your target market. Representative of the image your online business is trying to portray. Not infringing on the trademark of any other company or website.

Once you have decided on a full business name, begin choosing [...]

London Business Travel

Going to London can be an amazing, life changing experience for those who have never had an opportunity to visit this excellent city. I had the opportunity to study abroad in London when I was in college, and the memories of the city are something I always cherish.

Aside from the regular tourist traps like the London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the London Eye, you have a vibrant city that you need to dive in head first to explore.

To help you get the most out of London, we came up with some favorites to help [...]