How Brands Can Attract Investors Using Influencer Marketing

The business market is extremely competitive and, when it comes to attracting new investors, it’s difficult for a brand to prove it will be a more rewarding and worthwhile investment than its competitors. In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly dominated by the digital world, how can a brand stand out and successfully attract investors? 

One great way for any brand to take their marketing strategy to the next level is through influencer marketing, a form of social media marketing in which a brand partners with influencers to promote a product or their brand as a whole. This is how and why brands should use influencer marketing strategies to attract investors:

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  1. Helps Brands Diversify their Current Marketing Strategy

One of the best things about influencer marketing is that it’s dynamic and innovative. Social media marketing is relatively new, and the brands who learned how to utilize it early were two steps ahead of their competitors. Today, brands that use influencer marketing stand out against those that use traditional marketing strategies because they are doing something different

There are multiple different marketing strategies that are unique to social media and digital marketing, such as sponsored posts, brand ambassadors, reviews, giveaways, takeovers, affiliate links, etc. Because of the nature of social media, these can always be changed and combined to adapt to new trends or a specific audience. It’s also okay to try out new things when it comes to influencer marketing – who knows, maybe your brand could start the newest marketing trend.

  1. Expands Reach and Increases Overall Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing campaigns can help brands get their name out and widen their reach through social media. As the future lies in the digital world, it is important for brands to adapt to the changes in trends and technology in order to keep up with their consumers. Whether their goal is to find new followers or direct traffic to their website, social media is a fantastic way to spread the word fast.

Through an influencer marketing campaign, brands have the opportunity to target a specific audience. By choosing an influencer with a similar audience as their target audience, the brand is able to appeal to them through that influencer. Although people of all ages are on social media, these campaigns can be especially effective if a brand’s target audience consists of the younger generation and they aim their strategy at that specific age group.

  1. Influencer Marketing Campaigns Ultimately Cost Less than Traditional Advertising

The cost of influencer marketing varies depending on multiple factors. But, social media campaigns are more influential than traditional advertising campaigns like television commercials and billboards and are, therefore, more likely to heed better results.

As streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ revolutionize the entertainment industry, people rarely watch cable television anymore. Unfortunately for many brands, this means that a large sum of the money spent on commercial advertising is going to waste. Because, even if someone is watching cable television, it is very likely that they zone out, go get a snack, or pull out their phone the moment the commercials begin.

Social media advertisements cannot be so easily avoided. The average person spends a few hours on social media every day. Although people have the ability to scroll past certain posts and closeout of advertisements after a certain amount of time, it still catches their attention and registers in their minds. Social media advertisements and promotions have proven to be very effective and rewarding. As more and more brands begin to focus their attention on influencer marketing, less will be using the traditional marketing strategies that are becoming obsolete.

How Using Influencer Marketing Attracts Investors

The more a brand expands their reach and stands out on social media, the more likely they are to attract the attention of investors. Investors are looking for brands that will stand the test of time and hold up in the digital age. More importantly, they want to invest in the brands people are talking about. Digital marketing experts know that the best way to get people talking about a brand is through the individuals who control the social media platforms: Influencers.

These are a few brands whose successful influencer marketing campaigns have people talking:

  1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world, has been participating in influencer marketing campaigns for years. Their strategy is less about expanding their reach and more about showing their audience why they should choose Coca-Cola over its competitors. Their goal is to be the most recognizable and sought after beverage company in the world. By remaining active on social media and advertising their products through influencer marketing campaigns, they definitely stand out against their competitors.

  1. Fabletics

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that has achieved and maintained its popularity through influencer marketing campaigns on social media. They are known for doing brand partnerships with influencers, which are partnerships during which an influencer advertises a product on their account for a certain period of time. Through these partnerships, the brand has found loyal customers both in the influencers and their followers.

  1. Quevos

Recently, Quevos Chips utilized influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and sales of their products, specifically their Keto-friendly chips. For the campaign, they partnered with a variety of different health and fitness micro-influencers, which are influencers with under 100k followers, including dieticians, athletes, trainers, etc. Overall, the campaign was a major success. Their effective influencer marketing strategy drew more traffic to their website, increased sales, and improved their social media presence greatly.

Overall, influencer marketing is the future of the marketing industry. It’s important that investors see that a brand is looking towards the future rather than being stuck in the past. By using influencer marketing, brands prove to investors that they are in touch with their audience, know how to adapt to changes in the marketplace, and are open to changing their strategy for the betterment of their business. Brands who pull off successful influencer marketing campaigns are extremely impressive, and investors can see that.

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