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Ten Absolutely Awesome DIY Gift Ideas for LEGO Geeks

LEGO is without a doubt, one of the most successful toy franchises of all time. Launched in 1949, today LEGO has joined forces with those behind Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman and Indiana Jones....

Imagine Browsing for Fresh Produce on Grocery Store Roofs

EAT LOCAL How would you like to have really fresh vegetables picked the same day without having to go to the farmer’s market or a garden? Produce in your local grocery store travels on...

Wedding Registries: Should You Have One?

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Tips to Save More at the Grocery Store

If there’s one thing you can’t cut from your budget completely, it’s food expenses. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save money on the foods you love. Here are some money saving...

Products to Help You Keep Warm This Winter

For many of us, we’re now well into the cold winter months. And we’re looking for comfortable and creative ways to stay warm, whether we’re at work, play, or asleep. Sometimes the trick is...

7 Cool and Funny iPhone Docks

Most of the world agrees that Apple’s iPhone is one very cool device, attested to by the sale of millions of the popular smartphone over the past few years. In a world full of...

Home Theater Design Inspiration

If there’s one home improvement project I’m most looking forward to, it will be converting part of the basement into a home theater. Do you have a home theater, or would you like one? Home...

Buying an Engagement Ring? Know These Gem Shapes

Are you planning to propose to a special someone? If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, there are many things to consider — from the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight)...

10 Awesome Products Featuring Broken Images

It happens to all of us: you are on a blog or website, perhaps perusing the latest self-taken duck face pics of an overly tanned 20-something, a lolcat or whatever the meme of the...

10 Super Cool Mario Bros. Inspired Products For Your Home

I think back to my childhood and one thing has always stood out: sitting with my cousin and friends on rainy days in front of a Nintendo game system – at the time, the...

Mother’s day is approaching, and you really want to get your mom a great gift this year, something that will really show her how incredible she is. But what do you do when you’re broke? You can’t take your mom out to dinner or impress her with expensive flowers. You’ve got to think of something. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with 10 amazing Mother’s Day gifts that will melt her heart and won’t cost you a thing. This Mother’s Day, make her smile with one of these ideas.

1. Write Her a Song

Don’t just tell your mom [...]

Take a look at men a few decades ago and their grooming regime consisted of little more than a regular shave and a bit of Brylcreem on their hair.  There were of course exceptions to the rule, but you’d have been hard pushed to find a majority that did much more than shave and style their hair.

Fast forward to the 1990s and you see the rising popularity of the metrosexual.  The man who wants to take care of his appearance more so than ever before and isn’t concerned about price nor what people think.

Although there are mixed views [...]

We walk into a shop and some products we don’t even realise are there.  We either don’t see them because they’re of no use to us, we pick them up without thinking about it because we use them so regularly or we just walk straight past them as we’ve never heard of them or their advertising is so poor they do nothing to catch our eyes.

Other times, we walk into a shop and products seem to jump right off the shelves at us.  They are so well designed, packaged and marketed that we’re drawn to them and find it [...]

Rakhi is fast approaching and girls all over the country are going nuts with the excitement. The preparations are already in full swing – starting with shopping for beautiful Rakhis, new clothes and gifts. Rakhi is the time when girls get a golden chance of making their brothers buy what they want.

There is hardly any chance of them not getting what they desire. However, for some of us who are separated from their brothers or sisters by long distances, it becomes really hard to be alone on this special day.

But you know what? Sometimes if you really want [...]

There are still people out there that clip coupons, but not that many. The world of saving and discounts have gone from the newspapers to the internet, and it is much easier to load digital coupons onto a store card or print a bunch out on a single page then spend an afternoon cutting out $0.10 off yogurt.

Now that websites exist only for this purpose, it is even easier. But what about sites that have chosen to take a more creative approach to the whole process? Like those that have chosen to foster a sense of community with other [...]

Often the only time of year when people get to take a true break from work for more than a day or two, your summer vacation can be the real highlight of your year.

But the closer it gets, the more expensive you realise it’s going to be and what can at first seem like an enjoyable break away from the stresses of everyday life can soon be preceded by a frenzied event, trying to buy everything you think you need and getting yourself into more debt or wasting more savings than you ever thought possible.

It [...]

The summer is the time of the year where our spirits are naturally lifted.  We feel happier, we want to enjoy the time outdoors and we want to spend it with our friends and family.

Throwing a summer party is a great way to do just this. But without the right planning and preparation, you can end up spending a small fortune on something that was supposed to be a quick and simple event that didn’t impact much on your pocket.

Every summer party around the world will be different, but the information here should help you to save whether [...]

Each and every day of the year we all see products from various companies being marketed in one way or another.

It could be a drink on a TV commercial, a new clothing range on the local radio or a billboard showing the latest perfume.  Whatever it is, a lot of time and money goes into ensuring the marketing campaign is as effective and as beneficial as it can be, drawing as many people in as possible to go and find more about the product that’s on offer.

And over the years there have been some fantastic examples of how [...]

If you’re a Facebook user (and really, who isn’t?), your online social shopping habits have become a much more social activity. Your friends watch your news feeds, and you probably watch theirs. And whenever you “Like” a product or service, you are recommending that product to your network of friends and family.

You Tell Two Friends, They Tell Two Friends, and So On

Depending on the number of interconnections within your network, the simple act of “Liking” a product on Facebook could potentially influence thousands of like-minded purchase decisions. It’s similar to a domino effect as one “Like” begets another [...]

While many fathers may not want to be pampered like Mom, they still enjoy that thoughtful gift on Father’s Day, a token that you are thinking of them and appreciate all that he does. From morning to night, dad is busy working on something, fixing something, or just plain relaxing.


This gift guide will help you decide which part of the day you would like to celebrate, make it a bit more enjoyable, all while supporting products made in the USA.

Super Soft Organic Nature / Music T-Shirt

Does your dad love music? Does he also [...]