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The internet categorically and unequivocally changed the way we shop forever, but there’s a new player in town when it comes to shopping styles for the 21st Century: social media.

While once upon a time, shopping online was [...]

Who doesn’t love to shop? If you are anything like me, you love it enough that your checking account is barely surviving the fetish. Ever since getting an iPad, this addiction has increased to the point of madness. [...]

Let’s face it. No one needs an iPad. There, I said it. But I finally got one after months of deliberation and I absolutely love it. Now I need to justify the purchase so I won’t feel guilty. [...]

In the era of high tech, advanced gadgets are so wide-spread that we have dozens of them at homes.

But it seems you can never have enough of them.

So if you still want to treat yourself with [...]

While you can now chose from numerous innovative gadgets, the good news is that you can make even better things yourself.

Do-it-yourself is an awesome option if (1) you have no money to buy gifts, (2) you have [...]

Consumers are easily manipulated because:

they are bad at math; they shop with their heart rather than their head.

This means you might be wasting your money (that is not so easy to earn) because you are being [...]

If you are a smart shopper, it is not that easy to persuade you to actually buy something. There is the science behind how the products are organized, labels are written and sections are ordered to guide you [...]

Comparison shopping is one of the hottest things you can do online. No need to spend hours driving from store to store, ask experts’ and friends’ recommendations to find the best product to suit your needs and wallet.


The way we work and play has changed with the invention of GPS, which can be used when you are flying, driving, fishing, hiking, sailing, biking, running etc. Information is at your fingertips with a GPS receiver. [...]