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Shopping search shortcutsToday you can find anything using a search engine; however to be able to use the full potential of the search engine you need to know various tips and tricks.

This post looks at most useful search shortcuts for Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Note: a search shortcut is a set search commands (pre-defined combination of characters / words) allowing to see relevant information snapshot.

Google search shortcuts for shopping:

1. Find a product within the specified price range: use … operator: {laptop $400…$600}

Google shortcuts: price range

2. Product overall pricing: search for the product name, e.g. {mp3 player}

Google shortcuts: product prices

3. Convert currencies: plenty of patterns are supported, for example just type {50CAD in USD} and hit the search button and you get the answer instantly!

Shopping search shortcuts

4. Use Google as a calculator: for example, to calculate total including a discount: {25% of 39}

Google as a calculator

5. Find any store on the map: just drop the address in the search box:

Shopping search shortcuts

6. Get the selection of stores for any product: search for your [product] + city and (optionally) street:

Google shortcuts for shopping

7. Track package delivery: just search for your shipping tracking number:

Google shortcut: track shipping

Yahoo! search shortcuts for shopping:

8. Product reviews : search for the product name, e.g. {mp3 player}

Shopping search: Yahoo shortcuts

9. Look for coupon codes: search for [coupon code + seller’s name]:

Shopping search: Yahoo shortcuts

10. Convert currencies: this one is very similar to Google’s shortcut, so you may use any:

Yahoo shortcut: currency converter

11. Use Yahoo! as a calculator (also very similar to Google): for example, to calculate total including a discount: {25% of 39}

Yahoo! as a calculator

12. Find any store on the map: just drop the address in the search box:

Yahoo search shortcuts for shopping

Bing search shortcuts for shopping:

13. Get product pricing, specifications, brands : {mp3 player}

Bing shortcut: product details

14. Use Bing as currency converter: just like Google and Yahoo!

Bing as currency vonverter

15. Use Bing as a calculator: just like Google and Yahoo!

Bing as a calculator

16. Get the selection of stores for any product: search for your [product] + city and (optionally) street:

Bing search shortcut for shopping

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Save money on summerSave money by saving energy

The great thing about summer is that it is hot. This means less energy spent on heating and cooking, yet more energy spent on cooling. Let’s see how we can save some money (and become more green and frugal!):

1. If you can’t do without fans and air-conditioners, use them wisely: adjust the air conditioning throughout the day to meet your needs. And of course, look for the ENERGY STAR® label.

2. Replace filters in your air conditioner – this will make it work more efficiently and thus spend less energy.

3. Cook outside: getting your whole family together for evening barbecue will be both fun and refreshing experience for your relatives. Make it your new family tradition and you will notice how much closer you become!

Summer barbecue

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Impulse shoppingDo you ever lose control over your shopping? Or do you ever wish you hadn’t bought something? Here’s the actionable guide on how to become a smart and frugal shopper.

1. Maintain Daily, Weekly and Monthly Shopping Lists

Saving money requires strategy, and having a shopping list is a pertinent step in your strategy. Taking a shopping list to the store helps prevent buying useless junk. If you go in with a definite idea of what you need, not what you want, then you are more likely to be able to discipline yourself to stick to your list.

Professional budgeters suggest making your grocery list according to the layout of the store, to avoid “danger” areas, like the junk food aisles.

2. Pay in Cash


Making purchases with cash makes it easier to be realistic about how much you can spend. Credit cards allow you to fool yourself into thinking you have more money than you actually do. Budgeting gurus advise consumers to freeze their credit cards in a huge block of ice, so you will only use it in the case of real need.

The idea of picking a huge block of ice or melting it with a hair dryer might be all the incentive you need to leave that card alone and wait until you actually have the cash to buy what you want.


Facebook ShoppingFacebook unites your friends, relatives and colleagues for you to easily connect with them. Being thus a handy and popular social tool, it is quite natural it can be also turned into an awesome shopping tool: imagine your friends accompany you with your online shopping, giving you advice and sharing their experience!

Friends are the people you can trust; with Facebook applications you can ask them to review the products you plan to buy or rate a retailer you are considering. You can also help each other by exchanging coupon codes and notifying each other of best deals.

So here is the comprehensive collection of Facebook shopping tools:

lowest price2008 was the first year in the history of eCommerce when US customers said they preferred web over the store for holiday shopping. According to e-tailing group‘s third annual “Mindset of the Multi-Channel Shopper Holiday Survey,” the major reason (88% of respondents) for choosing the Internet for shopping is saving money.

Really, the Internet offers so many tools and resources for saving money that bargain shopping has become a new highly popular phenomenon of today’s web: 44% (nearly half) of shoppers who have made an online purchase in the past three months call themselves “bargain hunters” (The Conference Board – 2008).

This time I am listing resources that find the lowest product price even the geekiest and smartest online shoppers will find useful!

Promo Codes: this is a handy and well-organized site offering a wide range of money saving options.

Here’s a sample page listing Kohls promo codes:

  • See new deals for any brand mark;
  • See each deal details (amount and expiration date);
  • See most reliable deals;
  • See less reliable deals:

MobSaver lets you find the lowest price via SMS message! Just text UPC or ISBN number of an item to save@mobsaver.com and the system will send you a text message with the item prices on Amazon and eBay:

  • The lowest prices for new and used items on Amazon.
  • The current bid price on eBay. If there are more than one item available on eBay, you will be sent a price range.

Mobsaver is free and doesn’t require any signup. You will have to register only if you want to keep track and save the looked-up items to your mobsaver account.



Green ShoppingGreen shopping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or paying more. In fact, you can buy environmentally-sound products and enjoy all cool features of online shopping: compare prices, find deals and coupon codes and read product reviews and ratings. Let’s save both money and this planet at the same time!

Below I am listing most useful resources that will help you locate best green deal and find relevant eco-friendly product you need.


shippingShopping online means you enjoy your staying at home and getting your purchase delivered right to your front door. But it also means extra expenses to cover shipping charges. It is quite natural you want to carefully plan and cut down those expenses.

Below you can find useful free online tools that will help you estimate shipping cost or save on shipping by locating a free shipping deal.

Calculate and compare shipping cost:

Use official service providers’ shipping calculators:

Postage Price Calculator (by United States Postal Service) estimates the shipping rate by destination, postage shape, weight and shipping date. It will calculate the shipping price for a number of shipping services and will also add maximum dimensions and postage value for each (click “show dimensions” link for that).

Postage Price Calculator

FedEx Rates and Transit Times – calculates shipping costs based on the destination and package specifications (weight, type, etc). You will need to complete several steps to actually get the detailed quote. It does have a few pretty ninfty features like Zip/ Postal code lookup, currency and measurement converters.

Use third-party shipping comparing tools:

ShippingSideKick compares shipping rates for UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL. All you need is to fill up a form providing the destination and shipping information.