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Today you can find anything using a search engine; however to be able to use the full potential of the search engine you need to know various tips and tricks.

This post looks at most useful search shortcuts [...]

Save money by saving energy

The great thing about summer is that it is hot. This means less energy spent on heating and cooking, yet more energy spent on cooling. Let’s see how we can save some money [...]

Do you ever lose control over your shopping? Or do you ever wish you hadn’t bought something? Here’s the actionable guide on how to become a smart and frugal shopper.

1. Maintain Daily, Weekly and Monthly Shopping Lists [...]

Facebook unites your friends, relatives and colleagues for you to easily connect with them. Being thus a handy and popular social tool, it is quite natural it can be also turned into an awesome shopping tool: imagine your [...]

2008 was the first year in the history of eCommerce when US customers said they preferred web over the store for holiday shopping. According to e-tailing group‘s third annual “Mindset of the Multi-Channel Shopper Holiday Survey,” [...]

Green shopping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or paying more. In fact, you can buy environmentally-sound products and enjoy all cool features of online shopping: compare prices, find deals and coupon codes and read product reviews and ratings. [...]

Shopping online means you enjoy your staying at home and getting your purchase delivered right to your front door. But it also means extra expenses to cover shipping charges. It is quite natural you want to carefully plan [...]