20 Time Saving Social Media Tricks

As a marketing consultant one of the most common “reasons” business owners give me for not investing in social media marketing is that they’re afraid it will take too much time. We’ll I’m here to reassure you; it can be done in minutes a day! Follow these simple time saving tips and you’ll be well on your way to making social media work for your business in less time.

Miscellaneous Time Saving Tips

·         1.  Add social media to your calendar

·         2.  Track your time (use your kitchen timer, set it for 15 minutes)

·         3.  Use a bookmarking service to save interesting articles for later reading

o   Instapaper

o   Readability

o   ReadItLater

·         4.  Use repeated ideas (easier on you and audience)

o   Marketing Monday

o   Small Business Saturday

o   Follow Friday

·         5.  Relationships and expectations trump volume and noise any day (don’t post everyday unless your audience expects it, consistency is more important)

·         6.  Hire an expert


·         7.  Use Hootsuite to track important people and topics

·         8.  Check your mentions and interactions regularly

·         9.  Never forget a Follow Friday (remember this is about your followers not you)

·         10.  Schedule tweets

o   Buffer

o   SocialOomph


·         11.  Don’t schedule posts (80% reduction in engagement)


·         12.  When you update LinkedIn, allow it to autopost to Twitter as well

·         13.  Update your profile weekly so that your connections see your name in their weekly email


·         14.  Use images on each blog post you make so it is easy for you and pinners to pin

·         15.  Connect with your Twitter profile


·         16.  Look at other people’s circles to grow your own

·         17.  Comment on other people’s posts

·         18.  Use “+myname” to tag someone in a comment


·         19.  Networked Blogs autoposts your blog post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and more


·         20.  Cueler, use the app to autopost your videos on your Facebook page

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Please share your time saving tips for social media in the comments below.

Written by
Terra L. Fletcher
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  • The real tips, besides #2, #6, #8 and #11:

    1. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/follow_friday
    2. It’s 2 way communication, if you generate a BS stream, people lose interest
    3. If you have nothing to say, say nothing
    4. If your product is crap, don’t advertise it
    5. Kick everyone out of your lists you’re not interested in
    6. Your tweets and posts are already marketing BS, don’t link to even more BS, link to actually interesting stuff
    7. Communicate back instantly and be helpful, not arrogant for a change.
    8. Don’t comment on anything without actually contributing
    9. Don’t advertise whats coming, you’re neither Apple nor Microsoft, nobody gives a sh!t
    10. If you don’t understand the concept of a social network, don’t use it.
    11. Prepare for shitstorms, negativity and complaints
    12. Don’t censor anything ever
    13. Don’t try to be funny
    14. Fake followers and likes are worthless
    15. The more you post the more people learn to ignore you by seeing your avatar image alone

  • Sometimes social media is indeed a waste of time if you don’t know how to manage your time effectively. When visiting on social media tracking time is essential, which remind you how much time you have spent because if you don’t you tend to forget the time and before you know it you already wasted too much of your time. At work when we are using social media we track time spent accurately using a time tracking tool called Time Doctor. Using this tool it tracks all activities in real time and gives you analytics on exactly where time is spent that allows you to eliminate less productive activities.

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