Directory Journal Offers a Free E-book on Writing More Effective Web Copy

The Directory Journal is happy to announce the release of our first free e-book! This e-book serves as a basic introduction to writing four common types of Web marketing and PR copy — basic Web marketing copy for your website, sales letters, online press releases, and email marketing copy.

Free Web Copywriting E-book: Download a Free Chapter

The e-book isn’t so much for marketing and PR professionals (who already know this information), but is instead for business owners, webmasters, and independent professionals who would like to be able to write some types of Web copy on their own. We understand that not everyone has the budget to hire professional copywriters, and that others simply prefer the DIY approach when possible. This e-book is for those readers.

This e-book won’t turn you into a master copywriter overnight, but it will give you a basic foundation in understanding different types of Web copy, how these kinds of Web copywriting can benefit your business, and some of the things you’ll need to know about your target market or audience before being able to write copy that delivers.

You can get your free copy of The Business Owner’s Guide to Better Web Marketing Copy today! Just sign up for our email list near the top of this blog, and your free copy will be delivered right to your inbox. Even better, you’ll receive special offers, news, and any future e-books we release automatically!

Still not sure about signing up? You can download the first chapter for free right now to help you decide.

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Jennifer Mattern
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