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8 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Pages

How to create a Facebook page Did you know search engine optimization (SEO) also applies to your Facebook page? All of the major search engines have been indexing Facebook pages for some time. With the introduction of Graph Search, one of Facebook’s newest features, SEO on your page becomes even more important if you want to be found.

It is imperative you spend some time to make sure your page is fully optimized. Most of the features mentioned within these tips can be accessed by going to ‘Edit Page’ and then the ‘Basic Information’ section.

How to Create a Facebook Page

1. Choose Your Page Name

The name of your page is one of the most important elements. In almost all cases, the best name is the actual name of your business. If you have a common business name that is already taken, consider adding a location to the name. Instead of Sally’s Gifts, use Sally’s Gifts Atlanta.

2. Set Your Vanity URL

After your page has 25 fans, you will be able to set a username for the page, also known as a vanity URL. This allows you to set a URL such as Choose carefully as this can’t be changed after it has been set.

3. Complete About and Description Sections

The about section of your page shows just under your page name on the Timeline. Use a short description of less than 150 characters to describe the business. For Sally’s Gifts, it may be ‘Unique personalized gifts, gourmet food baskets and home décor at affordable prices in Atlanta, Georgia. Shop online at’. You can include more detailed information in the company overview and general information tabs. This can detail products and services, brand names and other important business keywords.

4. Choose Categories and Sub-Categories

Within the basic information section, there are a variety of category and sub-categories you can use to describe your business. Choose these categories well by being as specific as possible about your products and services.

5. Input Your NAP Information

If your business has a physical location, be sure to include NAP (name, address and phone number). Your name should be the name of your page so you just need to be sure to complete the address and phone number fields. This also allows people to ‘check-in’ to your business location using the Facebook Nearby feature.

6. Use Status Updates to Enhance SEO

Because pages are public, each status update you post counts as the meta description (the description just below the link) within search engines. Keep this in mind when posting and be sure to use your keywords.

7. Write Descriptions for Content

If you add a picture, video or other content to your page, tag your page in the content and write a description utilizing your keywords. You can also add the location where the content was created, which will be important for Graph Search.

8. Link from Your Other Sites

Be sure to link to your Facebook page from your other properties online including other social media sites and your main site. Be aware that every like you get can also count as a link to your site if the person who liked it has public settings.

While SEO of your Facebook page is important, just as it is with your main site,
it means nothing if you aren’t delivering engaging and impactful content to your fans.
Make these basic changes to your page and then be sure to turn
your focus to making fans want to interact with your brand.

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