FireFox for Twitter: Greasemoneky Scripts for Better Twittering

Twitter Greasemoneky ScriptsIf you are an avid Twitterer, you must be using some third-party application to send and receive Tweets. However this doesn’t mean you don’t ever enter Twitter web interface. The following Twitter Greasemonkey plugins will encourage you to do that more often and will make your Twittering experience enjoyable.

Note: since Twitter redirects /home page to /timeline/home now, you will have to manually edit the URL of the scripts sometimes. For this right-click the Greasemonkey icon in the status bar, choose “Manage User Scripts”, choose the script that is supposed to work on your Twitter home page, select the URL and change it to /timeline/home*


Twitter Search Results on Google: this script displays the most recent 5 tweets for the query that you are search for, giving both real-time Twitter search results and Google results on the same page:

Google + Twitter

Google Reader + Twitter: this script integrates Twitter into your Google Reader:

Google Reader + Twitter


Troys Twitter Script has a plenty of cool features: it displays a “Retweet” button and also automatically displays TwitPic images:

Troy's script

Twitter and FriendFeed Short URL Expander: shows you the full URL shortened by snipr,,, and

Show # of unread replies: the script displays the number of unread @replies and adds a Mentions tab in the Twitter sidebar.

Twitter Mentions

Twitter hashtags: adds links to, or to tweets on Twitter home page.

twitter hashtags

Twitastic Twitter Enhancer autolinks hashtags in messages and makes them searchable via the Twitter Search API by clicking on them. Also expands TinyURL links.

Nested Twitter Replies: looks for the phrase “in reply to [user]” and recursively gets all replies to display the conversation thread as a nested block.

Twitter Nested Replies

Twitter Sidebar Replies: shows replies in the sidebar of the user’s Twitter page.

Twitter Replies

Twitter Auto Complete: the script assists you to enter your contacts when twittering. Twitter Auto Complete shows your contacts while entering an ‘@’ and autocompletes your contact when only one option is remaining.

Retweet This: appends a retweet button to the end of each twitter entry.

Retweet this

Twitter friend name helper: shows list of friend names when you type “@” or “D”

Twitter friend helper

Browse with Twitter (if you want the whole world to know everything about you): updates your status with a message “Browsing: [document.title]” whenever you load a web page.

Twitter Friends Bio at a Glance – shows bio text, following count and web link for all friends and followers on the Twitter follow or friends list.

Twitter Bio

Make it Cleaner:

Twitter Filter (as the name suggests) filters keywords from the Twitter home page. Use this user script to enable regex whitelists and blacklists for filtering out tweets in your Twitter stream.

Add any word and click “Enter” to see immediate result. As long as cookies are retained, the filter will remember your selections.

Twitter Filter

Delete Twitter Messages: erases ALL your direct messages. Just enable it and go to Twitter direct messages , and let it trash the messages while you do another thing.

Now Shoosh! – hides any of your friends’ tweets from your view (in case you followed someone back because you felt you had to but didn’t really want to hear anything from him).

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