Google Plus, Social Search, and Your Marketing Strategy

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Like many marketers, I’ve been wondering when Google+ would really take off (specifically if G+ could compete with Facebook). I was excited to see Google+ pages. I was excited to see Google Plus commercials on television. Watching the process as Google strives to provide more personalized search results, I think it’s time we look at the network again.

Recently Google introduced Search, Plus Your World, something many are calling Google social search. If you haven’t already tried to discover Google+ for business, now you should really consider it. In fact, I’d say it isn’t an option, it is necessity. You need to fill in each section of a Plus Page with images and keywords because Google is highlighting Google+ content in search results. (Use these tips to Jumpstart your Google+ Page.) Google search results will default to Personal Results. Now content that has been shared with you through Google+ is incorporated into search results.

You’ll see at the top of your search the number of personal results and other results found by Google. There is a little blue person or avatar to the left of the results that are personal; otherwise they are blended in to the results. Searchers who do not wish to see such results can turn them off by switching the globe or public icon (top right). Clicking on the number of personal results will result in Google displaying only personal results.

Because pages and people you have circled or +1’d will show in results, it is essential to build your audience on Google+. The next step is creating content, engaging with people, and networking with businesses. Share quality content and post regularly. I foresee the +1 button quickly becoming more relevant in both search results and the way that marketers share their message. For personal use, clicking +1 on things you really like may make them easier for you to find again.

Traffic Building Techniques to Try Now

Showing up on Google’s Related People and Pages will help you show up more prominently in search. Start getting circled. Plus recommends filling out your profile, posting about your favorite topics, and appearing in search results.

Post regularly, at least a three times each week. Position yourself as a subject matter expert. Focus on building relationships. Seek out influencers. Encourage Google+ users to +1 your content. Make it easier, by adding buttons to your blog or wherever appropriate. Spend some time considering the keywords on your Plus page and profile. And don’t forget to revisit your Google+ contacts. Consider why you added them and if you want them to influence your search results.

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