The Best Of: How-To Sites Across The Web

As internet use grows and more users look to find everyday value online, many are moving from search engine use into rapidly-growing information communities. The how-to manual has moved online with a solution to all your problems and customized approaches to the most popular scenarios. If you are in the habit of using Google, Yahoo!, or MSN searches to find solutions and answers, consider the following websites as ways to “broaden your search palate”:

Instructables: A warning about Instructables: there’s a very good chance that you will become distracted by all the information on this website and quickly get caught up in new projects. That said, from how to make a duct tape wallet to building a hydroelectric power plant, Instructables has the answers you need in a fun and easy-to-read format.

DIY Network: The Do-It-Yourself network is a one-stop-shop website for all your home improvement, outdoor, and hobby projects. From roofing your house to building a water garden complete with fountains and lillies, DIY is a good spot to look for hints and detailed instructions.

StackOverflow: If you have a programming question, StackOverflow is a user-generated how-to website that allows you to pose your own questions and receive answers from experts across the globe.

FixYa: If you have a question about how to fix a broken toaster oven or the best way to install replacement flaps on a rocket ship, FixYa probably has the expert advice to get your project done in style. While you’re looking for answers to your question, consider answering a few on your own!

eHow: This site proclaims itself to be able to teach you “how to do just about everything” and a quick makes that statement seem quite true. If you need help picking out a shirt for a date or drafting divorce papers because romance isn’t working out for you, eHow is a good place to look for information.

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