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by Hasan

Flash web designing means using flash to design the web sites. Flash is a multimedia format, a web technology that allows graphic movement and animation. Flash makes the designers more flexible and gives them grounds to create animations and develop interactive movies and images that can be kept in the website that makes the website more attractive and interactive.

If you want to give a big impression to your visitors and get them occupied in your site then getting flash in your website is the answer. However, it is important not to forget that your visitors visit your site for certain information. So it is important that the use of flash doesn’t distract your main intention. You should use a quality piece of flash. Make sure that the flash doesn’t contain anything that doesn’t not match with the other content of your website and it doesn’t give wrong impression about your website. The flash animation you use should not be long and tedious. They should give quick information and gone. Besides bigger flash need long time to download and you don’t want your visitors waiting for a flash animation to download.

Flash can be used in different ways, may it be flash introduction of your website or certain flash animation within your website, and it sure draws attention. It all depends on the designer how he wants to project the website. It also depends upon your requirement. Flash in fact gives a lively pinch to your website. However, it is more important to keep the flow of the site and easy surfing along.

There is one thing you should keeping mind before getting flash animations in your website is that, flash only works in web browser where the flash player is installed. It is not necessary that the entire web browser have flash installed. But you cannot be sure what kind of visitor is visiting your website from whichever web browser. Your website must be such that whoever from wherever should get all the information you had intended to impart. A mere flash not installed problem should not be hindering your website to give your visitors whatever they had come for. So it is better you ponder on this and get flash animations for attractions basically and keep the information in html codes that are acceptable by every browser.

Not only being a part of website, flash has come a long way being a web template too. You can also find flash templates to build your websites. These of course are more attractive and dynamic than html web templates. Html web templates are simple and static but take short time to download while flash web templates are more interactive and eye catching but also take longer time to download.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of flash web templates you should know before you decide on the base of your website building.


1. Interactive:

Flash web templates are more interactive than html web templates. They can better present your view and ideas. Nobody have time today to go through long texts in your website but a flash template can give them your idea just as easy with moving pictures, animations, sound effects and flashing colors. Besides attracting your visitors back again they server better purpose of imparting your say to your visitor.

2. Artistic:

This is very artistic field. Once should be more creative and artistic to bring out a flash template. Any wild and new thoughts can be put out into more innovative and eye catching way. You can present a media add and then give out information about yourself at the same time; this is a result of a creative thinking.

3. Both Audio and Video effect:

Both audio and video files can be integrated in a flash site. This give a better understanding to your visitor than a html site could have given.

4. No more refreshes:

A flash site is loaded in a one go. Once it is loaded it is very easy to go through different areas of the site and they do not need reloading.


1. The major disadvantage of flash sites is that it is a compiled file and search engines cannot decompile to read your text. Your site won’t be shown by the search engines if anybody searches for it.

2. Flash sites are good for small sites that have less information. Most of the flash templates have very less space not enough to give our more information. If you were thinking of a big web site then flash site is just not form you.

3. Another major disadvantage of flash web templates is that they take long time to load. They load the whole site first then give chance to the visitors to go through the site. So if it is a serious business site you won’t want your visitors to wait a long time just to get your site loaded.

4. Serious visitors prefer precise information rather than flashy shows. Html sites are always better to catch up with serious visitors than flash web templates.

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123bargains May 17, 2008 - 10:06 am

Very good article. We were thinking of using flash for our sites, but decided not to do so because of the reasons you mentioned. Although it would look nice, some sites such as informational sites would be better off not using it due to the slow down and and long load time. However, if the site’s purpose is more for entertainment or to impress the visitor with graphics, or even a flash game site, then flash would be great. Nice review and article on using flash.

Shaz August 23, 2009 - 12:23 pm

I prefer to use flash, mainly because, im an animator, and works well for interaction, etc… I know there are many downfalls to Flash, but i still love to use it…


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