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by Hasan

Rackspace is the globally recognized web hosting company that is into the web hosting business since the year 1998 and ever since its introduction into the market it has grown itself by more than fifty percent every year. Today, Rackspace has the customer base with more than hundred thousand users across the globe operating with more than seven major data centers in several parts of the world. Rackspace has managed to earn a strong reputation amongst the masses by delivering corporate leveled web solutions and is successfully managing the businesses of all types and sizes. Rackspace employs the best available technological equipments for all of their customer needs and also presents a strong and effective support through the company’s award winning expert staff.

Rackspace has successfully crossed an important business milestone of surpassing hundred thousand users with its global messaging portfolio along with its suite of email and messaging tools. It is known for its integrated email accounts portfolio and delivers highly efficient four level enterprise messaging services. It can also provide email or messaging services in response to the specific customer demands.

Very recently, the company has made an awfully significant increase to its bunch of email products with the introduction of the new Microsoft Exchange from Rackspace and it has become the latest rage in the market when it comes to managing the messaging portfolio. The very talked about Rackspace products inculcate the popular noteworthy managed emails, dedicated and managed Microsoft exchange and lastly the Imail server managed by Ipswitch. All these servers can be easily managed by the respective clients and that is in turn hosted by Rackspace. The main office of the Rackspace is located in San Antonio in Texas.

Rackspace works in a very organized environment. It provides you with all the necessary tracking tools that allow you to keep a track on all the web management activities like checking out the bandwidth used. They have come up with the ticketing system that allows you to report problems to the customer care and also provides the finest configuration devices. One very important aspect when it comes to the configuration is that it provides different DNS servers for all the domains you have registered with and makes a very organized DNS management system. Above all, the DNS management system comes completely free with Rackspace. All the queries and their in-depth solutions can be discussed on the forums that operate between the Rackspace staff and their users. No other web hosting company has such an organized model or a better control panel for the dedicated server plans.

Rackspace probably has the one of the finest connectivity on the Internet today and the reason behind that is that it has multiple server lines running into their networks. The multiple lines can help with faster data transfer and moreover if one of the lines fails, they still have other lines working effectively and save their company from down times in the world of web hosting. When it comes to Rackspace, there is hardly any network problem monitored so far.
While other companies struggle to update their workforce with the latest technologies, Rackspace already has an above edge by possessing the best brains when it comes to technical know-how. Their management team has formulated a great security and reliability system on their network that finds out the problems even before they occur and notifies the network if something is running against the scheduled technical activity. Their Linux systems are regularly updated and therefore their security can be characterized as flaw less.

The only drawback that has so far been identified is with the back-up options. Rackspace still used the conventional tape backing up option and it gets really messy at times with the wrong tape inserted at the wrong place and then at the same time it is equally a long process. It takes about three days to fix up the problems with the tape in case the backup is taken in the wrong disk.

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Damon Rite June 12, 2008 - 8:47 pm

Rackspace charges an arm and leg for every little upgrade or support issue. All you are paying for is name branding. You can get the same if not better services from companies like Server Intellect and slowah.

Rob C June 18, 2008 - 2:09 pm

I seriously hope that last paragraph was not truth.

A ‘tape’ backup? My god, it’s the year 2008 already.
How can a hosting company be so ‘on par’ with the web’s forever changing demands on hosting, and not be able to cope with a (god forbid for all their users) catastrophe without being able to get back online within several hours?

That’s just plain scary.

mercedes benz auto July 16, 2008 - 9:13 pm

For the hosting of our website we first choose Rackspace. Our website gives our volunteers webspace to create an open and free internet knowledge database in the Netherlands, (called Leerwiki.nl).
We choose Rackspace in the first place, because of the tracking tools that allowed us to keep a track on all the web management activities. Also because of the ticketing system that allowed us to report problems to the customer care.

Because of the high costs we had to switch to a cheaper hosting company, but we never had problems with Rackspace. Regards Annemarie

Dennis Gorelik August 3, 2008 - 11:28 pm

I’m hosting my web site on RackSpace for one month and so far I’m not pleased with RackSpace.
RackSpace guys caused unneeded downtime for my web site and even turned my SMTP server into spam-machine.

More here:

Matt November 18, 2008 - 12:18 pm

We use Rackspace for email hosting, not for web hosting but we never had problems with Rackspace.

Rackspace email hosting

Mecilia June 11, 2009 - 5:45 pm

We used Rackspace for sometime. I swear every month I was being handed new charges to my bill. My bill each month would keep growing even thou we were under contract. I moved and switch to Server Intellect. Now I pay 1/3 of the price and have no monthly contract. Plus the managed support Server Intellect offers is BETTER than that of Rackspace’s fractal support.


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