Freelance Employment

This section of the Directory Journal provides you with details of a range of freelance employment opportunities that enable you to work from home such as freelance writing, freelance web design, search engine optimization, programming, consultants and a whole range of other freelancing areas of employment. Browse the sites listed below for details of freelancing opportunities you to work from home.

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Regular Listings

A dedicated site and directly aimed at providing you with details of work from home freelance opportunities in the whole range of employment fields. Also includes tips on working as a freelancer with details of how to find work.

Search the popular platform fiverr to find details of freelance business opportunities located throughout the world and available in multiple languages.

Providing detailed guides and information on how to become a freelance worker including details of how the work is carried out, typical freelance examples and also highlighting the benefits of becoming a freelance worker.

One of the largest platforms for freelance workers to promote their services as well as for others looking for freelancers to undertake a range of tasks. Search your area of interest or include your own services to promote.

An online search portal to help you find the best freelance jobs in a whole range of employment areas including IT, writing, translation, design and creativity and many more areas of networking opportunities.