Artificial Life

Welcome to the artificial life resource of Web Directory. The idea of playing God took off 30 years ago, but now applications in artificial life are becoming common place. A search that scans the worldwide web for artificial life leads visitors to the websites listed under this category. All websites that take their place in Web Directory are carefully analyzed to cater to the best. Click the Submit button to add your website to artificial web directory sections below.

Regular Listings

Lotus Artificial Life's Java cellular automata substrate capable of supporting evolving, self-reproducing organisms which are capable of universal computation.

Illustrations of 2D and 3D L-Systems created with Mathematica.

Michigan State University. Interests: self-replicating computer programs that mutate at random.

Examples of real-time 3D interactive installations: Biotica, an immersive experience of A-Life; Neural Net Starfish, gesturally responsive work in the Mind Zone of the Millennium Dome.