History and Government

The information sites and resources listed in this kids and teens section of the directory provides specific sites relating to history and government and these can be found by browsing through the highlighted listings below. Typical sites include educational resources and offer details of government departments throughout the world.

Regular Listings

Designed to allow the user to search through several era’s in America’s history, starting with Colonial times.

Lists suggested sites for a variety of key points in history.

A lesson of ancient times to the 20th century from those who witnessed it.

Audio clips of key political persons categorized to suit the user.

Lesson plans and articles meant to aid in classroom discussions.

European history guide spanning from medieval times to 20th century Europe.

A vast selection of history resources directed to those with an interest in furthering their historical knowledge.

Video coverage of US presidential speeches and recordings of historical proceedings.

Discussions about collecting archived newspapers and historical events.

Allows students to broaden their view of historical accounts through numerous links and timelines.

Provides learning tools designed specifically for middle school students.

Audio artifacts valued in the historical community including features of the week.

An online center for history lessons, study sheets and quizzes aimed at grades six through eight.

Focused on the great empires including Napoleon, Roman Empire, Egypt, Martin Luther and Japan.

Provides a wealth of information and resources including worksheets and links.

History lessons, background material and other helpful resources for teachers.

A challenging and fun activity based on “The Price of Freedom” online Smithsonian exhibit.

An online textbook focused on historical events in the form of games and quotes for kids.