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Research, training and publications on traditional Indian sciences. Site presents on academic studies and training programs in agricultural technology designed for farmers, students, and NGO’s in the nation.

A Research Institute based on marine fisheries research, mariculture and marine fishery resource. Presents statistical data on the number of harvested and produced fish products in the country.

Emphasizes on issues of biological resources, indigenous knowledge, and intellectual property and community rights. Displays the organizational programs and activities on food and livelihood security projects for rural societies.

Offers an overview of the divisions, tenders, research projects, and thrust areas of various departments working for the development of scientific breakthroughs in the agricultural sector.

Aims to improve horticultural productivity. Presents details on agricultural management for pest control activities and prevention of crop diseases as well as horticulture handbook, news, seed-plant materials, and reports.

Aims to identify, develop, and to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions of farmers. Contains particulars on the crop harvest system employed by the organization.