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General information about the Cabinet Office, function of the various departments, state guest-house photo gallery, Ministers' profiles, policy information, white papers and national archives.

Particulars on the facilities, defense focus as well as includes news and publications and access to the information related to conferences, press release, data room, defense budget, related links and contacts.

Featuring ministry's divisional composition, updates, budget, tax policy, customs and tariff, international finance, statistics, policy evaluation and periodical information and contacts.

Responsible for creating the fundamental national systems as well as deals with public servant administration and pensions, telecommunications and broadcasting, statistics, policy and administrative evaluation, local finance and taxes and postal services policy planning.

Responsible to solve environmental problems and implements policies for conservation; includes calendar of events, reports and publications, laws and regulations, policies and environmental resources.

Works to create awareness regarding cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy for cancer control with information on projects and activities.

Official website of the Kantei presenting biography, list of Cabinet members, archives, current events and news, related links and contacts.

Detailing the comprehensive information on activities, statistical system, latest indicators on population estimates, consumer price index, unemployment rate, FAQs and news.