Personalised Number Plates

Find cherished and personalised car number plates listed within this section of the Directory Journal. Includes details of how to buy or sell personalised number plates or to purchase one as a gift for your loved one or to use to personalise your business vehicle. If you are a web master and would like your personalised number plate site listed in this section; please click the "Submit Site" link above.

Regular Listings

Covenants in private, personalized, cherished, classic, custom and select car number plates allows the user to buy, sell, bid and search; offers a unique search function aid to find a suitable number plate based on search term.

Registered suppliers of personalized number plates and cherished registrations issues registration numbers and historic number plates; offers products to residents of the UK and Ireland.

Swiftreg are members of all trade bodies and trusted UK car registration dealers. Recognised reseller of DVLA Registrations and a DVLA registered number plate supplier. Search over 50 million personalised registration plates available on the Swiftreg website.

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The Private Plate Co offers private and cherished number plates at great prices. If you are looking to buy or sell the expert team can help. Search your personalised plate online today.