Quantum Mechanics

The fascinating subject of quantum mechanics is included within the science and technology section of the directory, please browse through the sites, information, resources and research listed below.

Regular Listings

Cornell University High Energy Physics Theory Archives, searchable.

A short introduction to Quantum Physics in PDF format.

Kronig Penny Dispersion graph and potential; change energy gap and potential mass variables.

Two contradictory expressions on the face of the famous painting are studied through the eyes of Quantum Physics.

Parity covers the probability of a particle process occurring in relation to position vectors and directions of travel.

Quantum Mechanics of The Bible According to Einstein.

Cornell University lectures introducing the technique of path integrals and their physics application.

Quantum Mechanics topics listed in order of common pedagogy.

Presentation of basic concepts and fundamental phenomena of quantum physics.

Quantized lie groups and algebras according to Drinfield, considering Yang-Baxter application.

Quantum theory of information using qualitative types of logic gates.

Application of Quantum Mechanics at the quanta level.

Discusses the experiments and breakthroughs as well as information on the studies related to quantum computation, cryptography and mechanics.

Introduction, terminology and mathematics of quantum mechanics.

Cornell University search for Quantum Physics papers.

UseNet Physics addresses Bell’s inequality rule in relation to Quantum Physics.

Quantum Information virtual journals in science and technology.

Visual quantum mechanics educational R&D for teaching quantum physics to students.