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Find information and the findings of science research listed in this section of the Directory Journal including research into the paranormal and psychic as well as UFOs and clairvoyance. Browse through the sites to find your area of interest or click the Submit site button to include your science research website here.

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Undertakes basic research in overhaul to the general public in the fields of natural science, social science, arts and humanities.

Investigates anomalies assumed to be of clairvoyant origin; features photographs, news, forum and research results.

Updates on research related to nucleic acids in chemistry and biological aspects of nucleic acids and proteins involved in nucleic acid metabolism and/or interactions.

Provides varied assortment of interactive and significant demonstrations, planetarium, workshops and programs.

Research site of James DeMeo offering background into the science, research progress, and a collection of online articles.

Conducts a scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena. With publications and information on extended activities.

Accentuates multidisciplinary research center and association and focuses on tracking down of perceptive the common themes arises in natural, artificial and social systems.

Performs research on environmental sciences and social sciences; provides breif detail about musem, picture library and offers doctoral research and Master’s Degree (M.Phil.) in polar studies.

Advances and explores the perceptive of events, abilities and phenomena relating psychic or paranormal; halves information, activities and advocacy of independent research body, membership details, journal, research directory, notices, conferences and contact information.

Independent research body dedicated to exploring and understanding paranormal events, abilities, and phenomena.