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This dedicated section of the Directory Journal provides details of lawyers and law groups that specialize in all areas of Internet law including website copyright and trademark law, patent issues, removing negative online business reviews and false articles, website domain and legal ownership as well as social media hate crime.

Browse through the Internet law firms and individuals assisting in all areas of the Internet and online law to find representation to assist you in all legal areas including contracts and the legalities of all your online legal requirements.

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Provides Internet business and intellectual property law services including website copyright, trademark and related Internet ownership issues. Check out the website to find details of the awards and the multiple Internet law services. Based in Los Angeles.

(216) 373 7706

Providing a full range of Internet law related services and representation including the removal of damaging content, online reputation and brand protection, identifying anonymous cyber attackers, domain protection and all areas of Internet law. Provides a free consultation service.

Sever Storey is a nation wide eminent domain law firm. Discover details of their professional domain law services and how they can assist you today.

(305) 400-9443

The Social Media Law Firm represents all business clients and protects them by ensuring they comply with the current regulations including intellectual law to ensure you protect your brand name.