This philanthropy section of the directory provides details of volunteering and volunteer opportunities and these can be found by browsing through the sites and services highlighted below.

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Directory of nonprofit web sites; online library for nonprofits and a database of volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs and internships countrywide.

Showcases editorially-reviewed volunteer directory devoted to inspires and facilitates acts of kindness.

Directory of international volunteer programs and opportunities sends volunteers to work on human and economic development projects; deals with volunteering work with list of programs, news updates and background history of the network.

Aims to foster and protect the fortitude of unity and compassion among nation following the terrorist attacks.

Offering volunteer solutions to natural disasters and everyday life challenges. Also offers free online volunteer work course, in-person seminar, free dvd and information kit about volunteer programs.

Browse over for online volunteer assignments for the individuals wants to get engaged human development activities.

Premeditated to help Americans at home and abroad engages in volunteer service to help needy individuals.

Extends a helping hand to families socials and Judaic experiences; offers teenagers opportunities for ambitious service work, community service, outdoor exploration and adventure and cross-cultural immersions in the United States and abroad plus includes details about programs and services.

Navigate through for the environmental and humanitarian volunteering opportunities in different parts of world.

Caters need of people finding volunteer sorted by category with profile of the organization, location directory and donation procedures; offers a variety of online services to support a community, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement; includes volunteering information and tools for volunteers, nonprofits and corporations.