20 Free Photoshop Brush Sets to Use in Your Marketing Material

When designing your marketing material, you’ll notice that creating all the elements of the design can take a lot of time. To save yourself some time on often-used design elements, these free Photoshop brushes should be very useful. These 20 sets are some of the most commonly used design items, all for free!

1. Silhouettes brushes

Want to include people in your marketing material, these should satisfy you.


2. Futuristic abstract brushes

Are you in some high-tech industry? If so you these futuristy brushes will give you the high-tech look that you need.


3. Modern shapes & pictograms

These shapes are exactly what you need if you are looking for an edgy design.


4. Sparkles brushes

The perfect brushes to add just a little shine to your material marketing.

sparkle ps brushes

5. High-resolution ornaments

A fine set of brushes to decorate anything: website header, event flyer,…

ps brushes ornaments

6. Matrix effect

Give your your marketing material the futuristic look it deserves by emulating the Matrix effect.

matrix effect

7. Hands, feet & fingerprints

Another useful set of commonly used items.

hands feet prints

8. Line swirls

Those swirls will definitly add some style to your design.

line swirls

9. Bubble brushes

Give a light touch to your marketing material.


10. Female dancing

There nothing wrong about making your promotion a little sexier.

female dancing

11. Snowflakes brushes

Obviously much more useful in the winter.

snowflakes brushes

12. Cute doodles

Those doodle brushes are perfect if you need a cute way to communicate.

cute doodles

13. Halftones brushes

Create some cool retro effects with these halftone brushes.

halftone brushes

14. Cityscapes brushes

Cool urban landscapes and elements.

cityscapes brushes

15. Smoke brushes

Ever tried to take a picture of smoke? This will make your life much easier if you want to add some smoke effect.

smoke ps brushes

16. Twisted brushes

A very graphical effect, for cool and futuristic topics.


17. People silhouettes

Even more silhouettes, with more action this time.

20 people brush

18. Little stars

This will allow you to add some magic to your designs.

little stars

19. Infinite explosion

Another amazing effects brush set, really cool.

explosion brush

20. Watercolor brushes

If you need your marketing material to look a bit more arty, these are your brushes.

watercolour brush

About the author: Mirko Humbert publishes a popular design blog and a CSS gallery, you can also find him on Twitter.

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