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Best of the Web Local Search

by Hasan

Best of the Web (BOTW) is the world’s oldest and most famous paid web directory and doing justice to the name, has earned the distinction of being considered as the best. The directory made its initial presence felt as a Web Awards platform. The vast popularity of Web Awards led to the creation of a comprehensive web directory that is general in scope and houses only the best of the web – well designed and content-rich websites.

With the amazing success they have achieved over the years, Best of the Web intends to take their service one step further with the recent addition of an exciting new feature – Best of the Web Local (BOTW Local).

BOTW Local is aimed at providing the local brick-and-mortar business owners an opportunity to bring their businesses online and gain more visibility. Just about anyone can submit their business to BOTW Local. The best part is that you do not need a website to do that. People who are exceptionally passionate about their businesses can create a high quality website, submit it to BOTW Local and dominate the local marketplace with ease.

If a business wants to pull a large number of customers, it is important to place the business in front of customers who are ready to act, which means the business should show up when people look for businesses in an area. Using BOTW local, customers can locate local businesses. It also helps business owners reach more people in their area. Each business is given its own page where they will be able to list all the information about their business, including the phone numbers, location and other details.

As part of the efforts to encourage brick-and-mortar business owners, Best of the Web offers free basic listings. Only those businesses that wish to maximize their presence will have to pay a fee. Paid listings will get more leeway than free listings, and will be able to provide a detailed business description, pictures of their business and a link to their website, if they have one. One thing that remains constant for both free and paid listings is that businesses need to have a physical address to be able to list their business or site in BOTW Local.

Any offline business on any part of the United States map can be listed in BOTW Local. It can be any type of business; travel and accommodation, restaurant, bank, private doctor, hospital, auto dealer, museum, theater and others.

For convenience, all businesses will be listed under specific related categories and they will be searched either state, city, zip code or adress wise. Google maps are also available, which provide direction through street maps, satellite imagery as well as imagery with street names, making it easier to find a business.

According to Best of the Web, businesses listed in BOTW Local enjoy the benefit of increased relevance, in terms of a highly targeted traffic as opposed to being listed in the general category that brings less targeted visitors.

We cannot deny the power of local search, what with more users coming online instead of using the Yellow Pages, including people new to a place, going online to look for local businesses. Irrespective of whether a business has online presence or not, it helps to be listed in a web directory that has a high PageRank, keeps spam away and has listings of high quality. Best of the Web is a quality-conscious directory that scores well on all accounts and BOTW Local has to be one of the most viable platforms to get a local business listed in.

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Apex 7 November 19, 2008 - 3:37 am

This is an excellent read. I am in the process of creating an online directory aimed at brick and mortar businesses. Most small business owners are not familiar of the power the internet can have on their business and with their competitors.

B2B Marketing News January 20, 2009 - 1:16 pm

Directories have been great tool for Search Engine Rankings. SEO Professionals have been using it for years. BOTW is indeed my favourite.


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