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by Hasan

Forbes.com does what many other news websites fail to accomplish. Forbes.com brings you a complete source of both online information, discussion and commentary on how that information affects the marketplace and you. Forbes.com is not only news, but thorough analysis of what that news means to the markets, the economy and industry and services. Very few websites offer this much information, and only one can claim to be the business information leader Forbes.com.

Overflowing with Information

Forbes.com is a site simply bursting with information. To view the complete homepage you must scroll and read quite a bit, but the sheer volume of insightful articles more than makes up for the required scrolling. At least the most important and most recent of the many articles are listed at the top of the homepage making navigation a bit easier. On the homepage, ads and the many other Forbes business lines compete for space with seemingly every article written on the site in the last month. The homepage is long and saturated with articles and content, but there is not a single wasted area.

The content of the site is divided into related areas of business with new stories being featured each week or sooner for each category. Within each grouping, the feature story and related stories are listed for easy navigation along with teasers for each. Content is divided into sections such as Business, Tech, Markets, Leadership and Personal Finance. The feature story of each section and related stories are provided in boxes on the home page, and again on the sub page for the section. Sub pages are easily accessed from a menu bar at the top of the page.

Within each category on the websites many other subcategories are listed making Forbes.com a truly multifaceted and dizzying design to those uninitiated to complex content sites. Fortunately, while the site is very large, it is organized effectively so that it is easy to navigate so long as you know roughly where you’re trying to go. Start with a featured story or head to a section page to see what’s new in that area. The sheer volume of information makes it virtually impossible to finish reading and researching on the website in less than a day or even a week. Expect to take a few side trips to other stories of interest appearing in sidebars and boxes as you try to focus on a particular topic or story.

Newsworthy and Insightful Content

Content on Forbes.com is definitely interesting. Anyone with even an inkling of business knowledge and economic foundation will find themselves more than curious about the latest Forbes.com headlines. The range of content found on the site is more than considerable, and the fact that seemingly every story is available from the home page or one page into the site within a category makes it very possible to be overloaded with information on a particular topic in a single visit.

The homepage contains collections of stories and articles that not only report the news, but offer deeper analysis than other news related websites. But standard articles are by far only the beginning of what Forbes.com has to offer. The rest of the homepage and website contain video stories, smaller articles, opinion pieces, polls, and breaking news. Banners and ads pepper the page, but they don’t detract from the sheer volume of high-quality articles.

Forbes.com is obviously more than the online component of an obviously excellent magazine. Visiting the website offers you much more than flipping through the newspaper or waiting on news alerts from other websites. With Forbes.com not only do you know what’s happening business-wise in the world at this moment, but you also have experts in the various fields helping to decode and analyze that information on your behalf.

New stories are written and released throughout the day to stay current with market and political conditions and special features are developed to supplement breaking news almost instantaneously. In all, Forbes.com is easily one of the sites all entrepreneurs and professionals should visit on a daily, or at the bare minimum – weekly, basis.

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