Self Driving Cars

Self-Driving Futuristic Cars at CES 2013: A Glimmer of Tomorrow’s Tech

Photo of Toyota car that drives itself
Toyota Self-driving car in action.

CES is always a series of wonderous toys – a look at the promise of the technology of the future.  And so far, CES 2013 is no disappointment.  One of the hot topics this year is the car of tomorrow – the self-driving car.

If you would like to see these cars in action and find out more about how they work, there are many self-driving car demo videos on YouTube. Just search for self-driving car to get 17,500+ results.

This infographic, courtesy of, shows a good recap of the self-driving car phenomenon.  Could you see yourself driving one of these?

Self Driving Cars
Click image several times to get the largest, easiest to read version.


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