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Artificial Intelligence has benefited and reshaped the music industry over the last five years. It is commonly understood that the advance of AI within music will never replace the artistic voice but is already used to enhance vocals as well as the music within songs, films and many other backtracks within music and film. Browse through the Artificial Intelligence services offered within the music industry by checking out the websites below.

The Directory Journal likes to keep ahead of the times and so created this dedicated AI Music section to enable developers and service providers to list and promote their websites for greater online presence and increased hits. The Directory Journal was established in 2007 well before AI was fully integrated as it is today, if you would like to promote your Artificial Intelligence music website and those all important social media links simply click the List your Business link at the top of this page to start giving your AI website the boost it deserves.

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AI Music are leaders in innovative AI technology that empowers the dynamism behind music and audio. Their mission is to revolutionise the way music is experienced. Through proprietary and modular AI engines enable real-time shape-shifting of tracks, processing and remastering of music and voice, dynamic synchronisation and contextual AI. With applications across industries AI Music deliver bespoke solutions for brands, advertising, sync & music, broadcasters and digital service providers to create premium and exclusive content tailored to individual needs.

Helps businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels create their own style and theme of music with no complicated copyrights as well as helping you to organize personal playlists and much more.

Musiio our specialists in the AI music industry helping to create personalised playlists, auto referencing and the tagging of very large music catalogues. View their case studies and try a demo today.

Providers of software to help you create your own music exactly how you want it to sound including matching aseptic mood for vocal style. Download a free trial and discover more via their website.