Artificial Intelligence

This Directory Journal section covers all areas of Artificial intelligence (AI) AI is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart products and machines capable of performing tasks that previously required humans to undertake. Examples include speech recognition right through to the wonders of self driving cars. Check out a selection of customer submitted and hand-picked artificially intelligence resources, websites and services by checking out the websites below.

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Regular Listings

Provides software, services and solutions for benchmarking and load testing for site and eCommerce and other websites; includes resources, case studies, samples, demo’s white papers and link.

Developer and provider of intelligent systems, expert system software and services based on G2 reasoning-engine technology that helps in handling and managing complex, dynamic operations with typical usage scenarios and applications.

Online database featuring a large collection of books and free online articles related to artificial intelligence, spiders and bots.

Introduces various technologies for knowledge management to be used for risk assessment and improving business intelligence.

Compiles a collection of artificial intelligence refereed publication covering research articles, survey articles and technical notes.

Provides customized artificial intelligent software and other software technologies ranging from intelligent tutoring systems to decision support tools.

Offers the latest news on artificial intelligence as well as a conference of machine learning and AI conferences. Also access the best newsletters on AI, as well as the top non-profit organizations that ensure that AI is used ethically.