Special Collections

This library section of the Directory Journal provides details of special collections covering a range of subjects and are available for your information. Please browse through the sites below or click the Submit site button to include your website here.

Regular Listings

A special collection of pictures, artifacts, books, video, and parliamentary papers assembled by Quinnipiac University about The Great Hunger famine in Ireland.

Based in Alexandria, Egypt, the library focuses on learning, tolerance, dialogue between cultures and people, and a foundation in understanding. Is home to four museums, six specialized libraries, four art galleries, a planetarium, eight academic research centers, millions of books and more.

Chronicles hundreds of years of the British Empire's history through virtual books. online exhibitions, library tours, and personal user photo galleries.

Children's literature research institute containing six core collections of novels, story papers, and series books with information regarding these and several smaller collections.

Exhibits anthology of printed resources and manuscripts requires in regulation or extreme handling caution; includes library information and collection search engine categorized by manuscripts registers and digitized collections.

Collection focused on the history, exploration, politics, and business of British Columbia. Holdings include pre-1800 world hemisphere maps, pre-1900 North American maps, manuscripts, and special guides to handling archival collections.

Library containing over 32,000 books on the religion of Islam, economics, social dynamics, and other religions. Provides information on services, membership, journals, tours, a current reading list and a foundation newsletter.

Publisher of websites, information services, and networking facilities relating to the Tibetan and Himalayan region, delivering text, audio-video, images, maps, reference works, and interpretive essays to users. Contributors include local communities of the region.

Online reference of university's digital library presenting maps, photographs, rare books, audio and video recordings, and prints and much more.