Criminology is a specialist area of science and you can enjoy browsing through the many world authoritative sites listed below including journals and institutes offering a whole and varied selection of criminology related services, resources and publications.

Regular Listings

Contains information on national crime and criminal research featuring library, online publications, statistics, directories and links.

Searchable database of texts or papers related to criminology, probation and social work, and by professionals concerned with criminal justice, law and penology.

Features reports on qualitative studies as well as criminal procedures.

Texts introducing a crime-mapping tool, allowing police officials to predict and analyze real life crime.

Provides access to the information on research, articles as well as news and discussions on criminal justice, offender profiling, victimology, behavioral science, serial killing and forensic psychology.

Information on profiling and case analysis with scientific research.

Features software developed for geographic profiling and serial crime analysis.

Offers professional development focused on security management and crime prevention.