Demography and Population Studies

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Regular Listings

Focused on the community of scholars interested in advancing the understanding of population issues.

Demonstrates population trends with statistics and maps.

Web forum based on discussions centered on Europe with seminars and workshops.

Aims to enhance communication between scholars and Europe and other areas of the world.

Site striving to encourage demographic studies and population issues.

Promotes and supports training and research on population issues.

Collaboration between the Population Reference Review and the National Council for Science.

Dedicated to endows timely population estimates, key indicators and objective information on U.S. and international population trends and implications.

Journal of demographic and population published in 1957 and peer reviewed.

Showcases demographic data relating United States along with the collection of statistics on social and economic conditions.

Compilation of data and relevant organizations with an events calendar.

Focuses on the effects of overpopulation and the negative consequences.