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by Hasan

Out of all the web hosting companies existing on the World Wide Web today, HostGator is supposed to be the fastest growing company. This company was formed in the year 2002, five years back. It is also the most talked about web host on the internet today. It has a review of hosting about twenty thousand domains today on their own servers. The HostGator infrastructure is located in the state of Texas in United States. It has its own data centers located there itself. Considering its gigantic services and magnanimous infrastructure it is often termed as the “Giga Hosts”. They have a reputation of delivering more than they claim to. This web hosting company operates on the Linux based web hosting and lately it has been heard that the Linux servers work on the Red Hat version 9.

It works on the Cpanel environment which is believed to be one of the highly popular web hosting administration panel software package. It is known for its features and ease of use. HostGator offers a number of hosting packages right from the shared hosting plans to dedicated servers to various websites. The shared hosting and the reseller plans come in very good deals but this web hosting company is usually well admired for the dedicated server hosting packages. The reason for that is that dedicated plans are pretty cost effective compared to other services. The lowest plan comes for as low as six dollars per month and it also integrates a web space of about 4GB and a data transfer limit up to 50 GB per month. Therefore it is quite a lot of space with very less price. Along with the regular features like admin panel, email accounts and support for various scripting languages, it also comes up with database supports and anti spam protection. It offers the free script installer called Fantastico as well and with the lowest plan, you can host up to one website per account only. In case you need the web hosting solutions for several websites then you need to opt in for the more expensive plan and it starts with as low as ten dollars a month. The payment options are both- on an annual basis as well as the monthly basis. However, with the shared hosting plans, you can also pick in the add-on domains and you still don’t need to use the separate Cpanel for each different hosted website.

The other kinds of plans include the reseller hosting packages and then it also includes the semi dedicated packages along with the regular dedicated hosting plan. And when it comes to the support, HostGator offers the leveled support. This means that the simple queries are solved at the first level only without any escalations. These kinds of queries include simple “how-to” questions and if the first level fails to answer any of these questions then the call is transferred to the second level. The second level solves problems with have a little technicality in it. And in case the second level is not able to solve the problems, then the call is elevated to the third level of customer service. The third level handles the most intricate technical queries. They are the most advanced tech related issues or permissions and they promise to deal with them at the earliest possible time. Their customer support staff has received an overall rating of 9 marks out of 10.

Another huge benefit with the HostGator hosting services is the flexibility of the payment method. It accepts a wide range of payment alternatives from PayPal to all the major credit cards. If you sit to pen down the overall experience, it can be concluded that it has received positive feedback from all those who have used its hosting solutions. However, there are some minor drawbacks that come in with the technicalities. But as a complete picture, it is a great user experience with some feature-rich services along with friendly and efficient support staff.

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