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by Hasan

Yahoo is supposed to be one of the biggest names when it comes to the Internet at the present moment. However, it is still the fastest growing companies when it comes to the web hosting solutions. Yahoo introduced its web hosting plans fairly recently and then has received positive and a few negative reviews all through its existence. More than anything else its web hosting solutions started off as a small business industry and now it has fully shaped itself into a commercially stable web hosting company as well. The main reason behind its popularity is that its web hosting plans are already integrated with the ecommerce features. Ecommerce is another happening thing on the World Wide Web today and when we get hosting plans with it, it is surely going to click in the online business world. When you host your site with Yahoo, you get a complete package with a unique online store and some great and alluring marketing discount offers. These advertising offers and discounts play an important role in promoting your online business through the network of Yahoo and thus it creates a long lasting impact when the largest online network promotes your business. For that reason, you will end up saving a lot of money from your marketing ventures while going with the web hosting plans of Yahoo and reaping benefits from its already existing marketing strategies.

On the other hand, elaborating the features of Yahoo, an important advantage comes in the form of the Yahoo site builder. This site builder saves you the efforts behind your web design because it provides a range of commercially designed templates and scores of graphics that could be useful to your website. If there is someone who is just starting off with the online world, then it would be highly advisable to succumb to the site builder and formulate a user friendly web interface.

The support staff at Yahoo skillfully assists you in a step by step procedure to make your online experience as trouble free as possible. There are a number of tools that help you to improve the final presentation of your website by modifying the colors, logos, content and pictures in the template. Yahoo also serves to the highly skilled designers by endowing with some highly advanced designing features like Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage.

Coming to the drawback side, Yahoo has pretty expensive web hosting plans and normally someone who is starting new with the web hosting might not find it proper. However, considering the features and simplicity there are a lot of users constantly registering with the Yahoo web hosting solutions making it popular with the passage of time. The basic plan with yahoo starts for as low as nine dollars a month and it doesn’t provide an annual contract. It solely works on a monthly basis. But looking at the advantageous side, there are absolutely no sign up fees and you will be provided with a minimum of 5GB of space with around 200 GB data transfer and around 150 email accounts. Obviously all these features come in addition to the domain name and a round the clock customer support system with several other web management tools.

Compared to the other web hosting companies, the features are pretty restrictive but it is still considered optimum for small businesses and for those individuals who are looking for something fairly simple when it comes to the web hosting services. However, to conclude with, it can be said that Yahoo has the resources that can benefit you with the tools you need.

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Tanveer November 27, 2008 - 12:35 pm

I have hosted my website at yahoo hosting service.
Yahoo names it Yahoo Small Business.
And I am very satisfied with this service as this is very powerful than any other available now a days.

Retha Falanga July 14, 2010 - 3:53 am

I recommend Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting. Management of one’s web site at Yahoo! is really a breeze due to their web hosting handle panel. Every thing from setting up e-mail accounts, acquiring monthly internet site statistics, to web site development and maintenance can be simply controlled making use of one standardized interface.


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