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by Hasan

Lunarpages is the web hosting company that started in the mid of the year 2000 when the AddNet Corporation expanded its hosting solutions to inculcate the shared hosting solutions. Prior to that AddNet Corporation was providing small and large scale managed or unmanaged hosting services for about three years. AddNet, due to its rock solid focus on customer satisfaction expanded itself and then Lunarpages was introduced. Lunarpages is the by product of continuing exceptional hosting services and brand value that was previously cultivated by the AddNet Corporation. Their effortless hosting solutions have increased their customer base by serving all the hosting needs on one single platform. Lunarpages is believed to have the finest infrastructure with its office located in the state of California. The up-to-the-minute technology is located in the data center of the Lunarpages office in Los Angeles. They present the greatest level of safety, redundancy, reliability and security. Their technology is built with the latest technical giants like Dell, Cisco network equipments and Sun Microsystems. The cable and wireless technologies are devised by the Global Crossing, Mzima networks and Verio/NTT architecture. It lives up to the highest standards of scalability and technological advances.

Lunarpages has implemented their prompt reply protocol to ensure total customer satisfaction. This new fangled protocol exercised by Lunarpages not only monitors the whole system for threats and attacks but it also constantly updates the system for internet, email and file loading performance all round the year. The skilled staff with Lunarpages anticipates the problem even before it occurs.

Ever since the web hosting company Lunarpages is formed, it has been providing commercial and Linux based web hosting solutions. It was formed in the year 2001 professionally and it has been approximately six years since its introduction and it has been a long way since then. Today, it is competing with the best web hosting services in business like globat and midphase. Luarpages has an average uptime of about 99.93 percent and so far it has only two unsuccessful checks. When you hit up to search the company Lunarpages in the popular search engines, you will find it in the first few pages itself. It can be assumed that it is on the search rank of 29. The overall company rank of the company is 34 and the web hosting companies similar on this rank are orcsweb and bizland. Out of the total votes received for this company, it has 125 positive votes and only half of them on the negative side.

Lunarpages employs the latest cutting edge technology and the basic standard plan includes the high-end features and scripts like PHP, ASP and database management system like MySQL. Even the most minor of your questions will be answered if you happen to have problems with the web hosting plans or any other technological difficulties. There is a whole lot of crowd on the cyberspace that is registered with the web hosting solutions from Lunarpages and the community forum consist of these kind of people.

As far as the support is concerned, Lunarpages has its foundation in strong customer service and in turn customer satisfaction with the fastest possible turnaround time to all the consumer queries. The features include a strong knowledge base and along with there are a number of online forums that can turn out to be really beneficial in your stay with Lunarpages. There is a talented group of customer service associates working round the clock to help you with all your hang-ups. Every time you have a problem, you can easily reach the support staff within seconds and solve all the problems.

To conclude with, if you want a brand name assisting your hosting services with the latest features and a standard saving price then you should really associate with Lunarpages. The support staff with this web host will take care of the rest of the details and all those who have been registered with it surely have no complains.

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