Machine Learning

Machine learning is now commonly used in most Internet and online based services including search engines and website browsers as well as many smart devices used in and around the home or office. The basis of machine learning (ML) is the study and calculation of computer algorithms that study, learn and implement data to make predictions of a number of results such as matching advertising needs and predicting your interests through previous selections.

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Regular Listings

Offering a broken down description of machine learning and explained how it is implemented along with details of example applications.

An introduction and overview of machine learning (MI) provided by the Michigan Institute for Data Science. Find details of research, education and future events along with study details offered by the University of Michigan.

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The Machine Intelligence Garage is a forward thinking company that offers companies access to a range of machine intelligence services and resources. Includes full details with registration opportunities.

Provide a range of machine intelligence services for business including creating data and analytics strategies including the management and optimization within the business field.