This comprehensive section covers issues relating to society and culture inside the Directory Journal including health, housing, peace and immigration issues and also important subject such as terrorism, poverty and environmental resources.

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Regular Listings

An interesting site showing the population statistics of countries and cities around the world. Also includes interactive maps and charts.

Involves young people in practical river education, preservation and refurbishment projects and helps to solve local environmental and communities problems; presents the activities of the organization including history, focus, objectives, strategies, officers, staff and programs.

Portal to discussions and thoughts sharing on a wide range of subjects including tech and non-tech issues and projects along with global suggestion box for socially innovative.

Coordinates activism and resistance to militarism, war, discrimination, oppression and corporate greed as well as contains information opposing domestic and global injustices.

Aims to help people suffering injustice, indifference and oppression and performs legal intervention and advocacy on behalf of victims of injustice internationally.

Highlights and presents research works and strategies with aim to help strengthen democracy; engaged in activities to understand the way bodies’ politic function or fail to function; featured programs includes public choice, community, public education, institutions, government and international.

Displays information on offered programmes at degree, diploma and certificate level, school profile, prospectus and curriculum information.

Employs in advancement of multicultural and cross-cultural responsiveness through diversity training workshops, conferences and educational resource materials; offers services and training to individuals, organizations and communities.

Dedicated to fosters erudition on issues pertaining to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and firearms regulation; search for the list of scholars and bibliography.

Highlights seer perceptions and methodologies for providing strategic planning, management and research services; offers services in technology foresight, forecasting, scenario planning, vision, creativity and leadership.

Non-judgmental forum for the endorsement and exploration of ethics and ethical decision-making; browse over for information on services.

Official United Nations Development Programme site for Liberia presenting list of country programs, implementations and media room.

Non-profit association provides information on natural resources, informational tools and resources for environmental education, stewardship and sustainable development by supporting research, conferences, training and policy initiatives; includes online resources, essays, research reports and PowerPoint presentations.