Most Dangerous Dogs in the World (2021)

What makes one dog breed get a reputation for being more dangerous than others? Should you be more cautious around specific breeds? And does a dog’s breed even matter, or is it always a case of bad training?

Let’s explore some of the world’s most dangerous dogs together. You’ll also learn about what makes us think of certain dog breeds as dangerous. Additionally, we’ll cover the role and history of dog training in building these reputations.

Dangerous Dogs (by Design?)

There are a number of reasons people tend to think of certain dog breeds as more dangerous than others. Not all reasons are valid in the same way: Some are hard statistics, others are personal experiences. But they all can play an important role in our understanding of these animals and our discussion about what might make some more dangerous than others.

Here are some of the reasons we tend to consider certain dogs to be the most dangerous dog breeds:

Reasons for (Perceived) Dangerousness

  • There are more reported incidences of dog bites and serious injuries from some breeds. This is one of the big reasons some municipalities consider Pit Bulls the most dangerous dog, even requiring special insurance if you want to have one in some areas.
  • The sheer size of some breeds can increase that perceived “danger factor.” Many of the largest breeds actually have very calm temperaments. Their danger has to do with the potential for more serious injuries if those dogs happen to attack or even accidentally injure someone.
  • Some dogs give us a feeling of danger because they were literally designed to instill it over the course of history. For example, we’re used to seeing German Shepherds used as police dogs. We’re used to seeing breeds such as Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers being trained as guard dogs. And we’re used to stories of American Pit Bull Terriers being trained for dog fighting.
  • Another big thing that affects our opinions of dog breeds is our personal experience with them. Similarly, anecdotal stories we hear from others can affect us. They may have had either positive or negative experiences with certain types of dogs.

Let’s focus more on that last reason, as I believe it can have the most impact.

Beware of the Dog Sign
Credit: Mandee Sears (via Flickr)

How Our Personal Experiences Affect Our Views of Dog Breeds

Whether it’s right or wrong for us to judge a dog breed based on our limited experiences and the stories we hear about them, it’s something most of us do on some level (myself included). So I’d like to share some personal stories and how they’ve affected me (or not affected me, though you might think it should have).

We saw this in your comments on the original list. For example, we had people saying Pit Bulls aren’t dangerous because their own experiences with the breed have been pleasant. Others shared experiences on the other side of the spectrum.

Personally, I come in somewhere in the middle. I’m not naive enough to think that breed alone makes all pit bulls dangerous or more vicious than other dogs. But I’m also not naive enough to ignore the evidence that this breed has a history of causing more frequent and more serious injuries than most, if not all, others.

Clearly the breed plays some role. Some breeds lean toward different temperaments, or have different loyalties. These might make them great with their own families but naturally suspicious of strangers or other animals or even small children, who have less self-restraint than adults.

My Brother’s Pit Bull Encounter

Personal experience is also a factor, though. My brother has a small dog. He took the dog outside at his apartment building into the parking lot. Another neighbor was outside with their Pit Bull. It wasn’t on a leash (while this is a requirement, going unleashed isn’t terribly uncommon around here). By all measures the dog would have seemed like a normal, calm family pet.

Until it saw my brother’s dog.

It immediately charged at them and grabbed his dog by the throat. There was no provocation, no unusual noise, and they were across the lot — not close to the pit bull’s owner in any way. My brother was able to rescue his dog by lifting the Pit Bull and literally prying its mouth open (which, by the way, is a stupid thing to do — please don’t ever follow that example). The dog let go and his dog was okay after being treated for its injuries. The Pit Bull then latched onto my brother’s arm though. Again, he was okay after being treated, but the wound wasn’t insignificant. It could have been far worse.

My Take on Breed vs. Training

That puts me in that middle ground territory I mentioned before. Personal experience with this breed is terrible. There was no warning sign that the owner trained this dog to attack or fight. In fact, the aggression caught its owner completely off-guard. It just snapped at the sight of a smaller dog. That kind of sudden reaction is far from unheard of with this breed.

But that said, I don’t fault an entire breed (in the case of Pit Bulls, actually three different breeds) for the actions of that single dog. The lack of predictability of some breeds would make them “more dangerous” in my view. But the same goes for poor training and bad behavior by an owner (like allowing any breed with known issues with children or other animals to run free without a leash).

This is far from the only example I could give. Saint Bernards are also sometimes cited as some of the most dangerous dogs. But they’re also known for being calm-tempered and being good with kids. It’s their fierce loyalty that can be an issue.

Guard and Danger

A family member had one years ago. That dog was a great dog for most of its life. It even helped to stop a burglar in the family’s building. But years later it lunged at another family member who the dog knew for its entire life. They came to visit, and out of the blue the dog lunged and went for her eye. She’s still terrified of the breed to this day (and understandably so after an experience like that).

We can’t explain the unprovoked attack. It might have been a breeding issue. The dog might have been having a bad day in some way. We just don’t know. I understand her fear of the breed. But it’s not one I hold myself as a result — perhaps because I didn’t see it first-hand.

Some people find my dog’s underbite to be intimidating. But I know this is just her smiling after eating her favorite treat (with crumbs still all over her face and the floor). But even happy pups can be dangerous in their own ways.

I personally own a mixed breed dog — Border Collie mixed with a Lab. At this stage in her life, I would also consider her to be a dangerous dog, especially around children. She is in no way violent. She’s great with cats and other dogs.

Why my Dog Isn’t Harmless

She’s still at that point where she’s young, wants to play all the time, and she doesn’t realize her own size or strength. The hyper aspect is specific to breeds. Both Labs and Border Collies can be very high strung, especially in their first couple of years.

Neighbors and family members don’t want her playing with their tiny dogs, and I think that’s understandable. And I wouldn’t take her out to play with small children for fear that she’d accidentally hurt them by jumping up or knocking them over as she tries to play. Being dangerous isn’t always a case of being naturally vicious, and that’s why so much falls onto the owner. It’s our responsibility to make sure our dogs aren’t put into situations where they’re more likely to cause harm.

It’s this little guy that my guests should be most concerned about. He can be more vicious than any dog I’ve personally known. He mauled the last stranger who tried to rub that tummy (never, ever, ever pet an animal you don’t know without asking the owner first; she tried even after being warned).

How About Your Experiences?

If you’ve had experiences that have shaped your own views of what makes for a dangerous dog breed, let us know in the comments. Tell us what happened and whether or not you think it’s a fair way to judge a larger group of dogs based on the action (or actions) you’ve seen first-hand, and why.

Now let’s get to our original list of some of the seemingly most dangerous dogs, based on breeds. Now that you know why certain breeds have earned their “most dangerous dogs” reputations, can you think of others that might also have a similar history? Tell us in the comments.

Every person that I know deeply cares about his or her pets. They are their best friends. They tenderly love each other. Sometimes they eat together, sleep together, and go for walks together.

I’m more of a cat person, but I can’t sit still when I see little puppies or big dogs with big soft fur. I want to hug them, play with them, and give them some of my love and tenderness too. I’ve also seen many adult dogs of different breeds worth praise and true admiration. They are clever, sociable, and funny when you want to play; calm and patient with kids.

And they’re something I can’t credit cats with: They are faithful.


The Human Influence

Personally, I don’t know any dog that would bite without warning or just snap. It’s my firm belief that behavior of the dog doesn’t depend on its breed so much as it being the right training and the “master” that matter. In my opinion, humans are most often responsible for dangerous dogs. That said, there might be some truth in the idea that some breeds have more unstable temperaments than others. Knowing this, we should never provoke them.

Think for a minute and analyze your own life. Are we always polite? I can think of several situations when I would have gladly slapped a man in the face, but thank God I’m weak enough and I can control myself (at least I think that I can). Now think about animals. They have instincts too, and they may forget about good manners. It’s not as if they understand them in the same ways we do.

It’s also important for dog owners to protect both other people and their dogs from unexpected circumstances and thus the unpleasant situations. For example, when going outside, they could always use a dog-lead and a muzzle. They could be careful and not let the dog play on its own without a leash, especially when there are other people around. When you have a dog, you become forever responsible for the animal you’ve trained and tamed.

Why I Wrote This List

In any case, it’s good to know what breeds of dogs might be most dangerous, just to keep yourself safe. Sometimes the danger in a dog isn’t even a nasty personality, but a matter of them not knowing their own strength.

Even though I personally still find it hard to believe that breed alone determines whether a dog is “dangerous,” you never know what a dog’s owner has taught it. Reliable research into the most dangerous dogs included below comes from the American Veterinary Medical Association, the CDC, and the Humane Society of the United States.

We’ll start with least dangerous of the bunch. Sorry, but there won’t be any terrifying photos today.

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Origin: Croatia, Middle Ages
Weight: 40-70 lbs
Height: 20-24 inches

Dalmatians are active and energetic dogs, and love to be outdoors. They are very playful and love running.

There’s still no definite info about what this breed was originally bred for. What is known is that it is the oldest spotted breed in Europe, Asia and Africa. They were serving as warriors, hunters, and shepherds long before finally becoming the symbol of the US fireman.




Origin: Germany, 1850s
Weight: 50-64 lbs
Height: 20-25 inches

The boxer is a very strong “square” dog. Boxers love to walk, but the owner should never forget the leash. It’s also better to refrain from aggressive games. Still, boxers recognize all members of the family and can play well with the children.

The boxer breed has its origins in feudal Germany and dates back to the line of bulldogs that existed in Europe in the 16th century. These ancestors lived for hunting wild boars and other big wild animals. The first puppy in the new breed received the name “Box”. Boxer’s qualities, such as their strength, were highly valued by farmers and shopkeepers.



Presa Canario

Origin: Canary Islands, Africa, 18th century
Weight: 100-125 lbs
Height: 25-26 inches

The Presa Canario hails from the Canary Islands. Dogs of this breed had two jobs: Hunting – and war. During the 18th century, English traders and merchants came to the Canary Islands, bringing with them their working and gladiator dogs, notably the Mastiff of England and the bulldog. Englishmen also brought with them their traditions of pit fighting for which their breeds and the island dogs were inevitably mixed and eventually bred to produce the ultimate fighter. Nowadays the breed finds use in guarding, handling, and driving cattle.

The dogs of this breed can be gentle and noble with their families, showing great affection to their owners, but are highly suspicious of strangers.



Saint Bernard

Origin: Switzerland, Middle Ages
Weight: 110-180 lbs
Height: 24-29 inches

Saint Bernards are amazingly big and easygoing dogs, but due to their impressive size they can look a bit awkward. They are quiet and peaceful, love children, and are not inclined to active and rapid games. A Saint Bernard will need all of your attention, so if you spend days in the office, this dog is not for you. They are tremendously strong and, of course, they require a good bit of space.

Most likely, the ancestor of the Saint Bernard was the Alpine Mastiff, a pretty aggressive breed. The original Saint Bernards were working dogs and scouts. They were also much calmer than their Mastiff ancestors. For that reason, they make for excellent home companions today.



Great Dane

Origin: Germany, Middle Ages to 19th century
Weight: 90-120 lbs
Height: 27-32 inches

Great Danes are beautiful and majestic animals, with a gentle and loving nature. They love to play with children and participate in all family events and activities, especially in the outdoors. They are happy to go for a walk and don’t mind the company of other dogs. Despite their gigantic size, Great Danes can even feel quite at home in a city.

In the Middle Ages, these dogs earned their living in dog fighting and by hunting big mammals.



Chow Chow

Origin: China, Antiquity
Weight: 40-65 lbs
Height: 18-22 inches

The chow chow is an independent dog often focused only on its own needs. Chow chows need constant physical activity and communication, even if they don’t seem to like being disturbed much.

The chow chow’s original purposes were hunting and helping shepherds.



Doberman Pinscher

Origin: Germany, 19th century
Weight: 65-90 lbs
Height: 26-28 inches

Doberman Pinschers (often just called Dobermans) are dogs whose traits emphasize protecting and defending instincts. It is important to avoid any type of aggressive play and struggle with these dogs. Instead, use the games to develop the Doberman’s intelligence. Even though they aren’t small dogs, Dobermans can adapt to life in a city and become a perfect companion for an experienced, physically active owner.

This breed has its roots in in Germany. The breeder Louis Doberman decided to combine the qualities of guard dogs and and the terrier. Luis was a policeman, and so saw the need for a dog that would devotedly defend its owner.



Alaskan Malamute

Origin: North America, Ancient times
Weight: 80-110 lbs
Height: 23-28 inches

The Malamute is a friendly dog, but it has rather an independent temper. It’s better to keep this dog in a village, far from the city. Sometimes violent and energetic, they constantly need to move or play.

Note that Malamutes are a working dog breed from a colder climate.  So, if you don’t live in the deep north, make your Malamute a nice playground. That’s because they are always in need of physical activity.

The name of the breed comes from a local North American tribe. They used the Malamute to transport goods on a sleigh.




Origin: Siberia, Ancient times
Weight: 35-55 lbs
Height: 20-24 inches

Training a Husky is not that easy. For these reasons, breeder don’t recommend this dog for beginning owners. Initially, these dogs transported goods on a sleigh. Not afraid of cold weather, they’re very active and loving dogs. Huskies love to get together with other members of their breed and howl at the moon.



German Shepherd

Origin: Germany, 19th century
Weight: 70-85 lbs
Height: 22-26 inches

German Shepherds are very beautiful dogs, distinguished from other breeds by their reliable and obedient temper. They are in need of constant and serious physical activity though, and they seem to  prefer long walks and active games.

Originally (as obvious from the name), the dogs guarded grazing sheep. They are great home guards and often participate in programs for the disabled.




Origin: Germany, 1820s
Weight: 85-110 lbs
Height: 23-27 inches

Rottweilers are powerful dogs with strong jaws, primarily meant to protect. Their original breeders selected those traits especially for that purpose. They often don’t like strangers and other dogs — they are guards at heart, and the dog owner should always remember that.



Pit Bull

Origin: US, 19th century
Weight: 30-55 lbs
Height: 18-22 inches

The Pit Bull is named after its original purpose: The questionable amusement of dog fighting in pits. Sad as it is, that bloody tradition has survived in places, and Pit Bulls still have to take their part in it.



Photos source: Flickr

American Bulldog

Origin: Southern U.S., 17th century
Weight: 60-120 lbs
Height: 20-28 inches

The American Bulldog is descended from the now-extinct Old English Bulldog, which was bred for farm guarding, livestock herding and bringing down game, and blood sports such as bull-baiting.

Today’s American Bulldog arose from any such dogs brought to America by working-class immigrants, many of them former farmers. In the South, these dogs were an important line of defense against feral hogs.

By the time of World War II, the American Bulldog almost went extinct, but was saved through selective breeding. 

These dogs are large, heavy, and have powerful jaws with a typical overbite. They were bred for aggression and protection instincts. While they are suspicious of strangers, they are also very loyal and family-friendly. However, they need lots of space and attention. 


Origin: England, 19th century
Weight: 100-130 lbs
Height: 24-27 inches

Bred around 1860 by English gamekeepers, the Bullmastiff’s job was to guard game preserves. They caught poachers, holding them until they could be arrested. They emerged from a cross of the large but non-aggressive Mastiff with the aggressive but smaller, lighter Bulldog. 

Starting in the 20th century, they became a distinctive breed. 

Today, Bullmastiffs are typical watch and guard dogs. They are fiercely loyal and love their families, but they have an extremely strong territorial instinct, and can be stand-offish towards strangers. When they’re properly trained, Bullmastiffs are also frequently used as gentle therapy dogs. 

They are easy to groom, doesn’t shed, but are very prone to drooling. Bullmastiffs generally don’t need too much attention or movement. 

Note that this dog was bred to be very quiet, so it won’t audibly warn when it’s startled or otherwise in a bad temper. In combination with their strengths, this makes Bullmastiffs one of the potentially most dangerous dogs.

Note: This post was originally published on April 1, 2009. It has since been updated with a new introduction and further background on the history of dangerous dogs.

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  • I find the internet is full of misleading information and untruths; as well as a great and easy source to access to information. One must be dilgent in research, if one is to discover truth. Truth can be very cloaked, either through ignorance or intention. History is truth, the problem is; how to find the truth of the matter you seek, then determine the value of that truth.

  • By the way….. the term Baiting” although acceptable termonology in past times, euphamizes a terrible and discusting activity of fighting dogs. It would support our endeavor, to enhance’ the life of our dogs, if we used the dispecable term Pit Fighting, why soften such a cruel activity.

  • nott really because she didnt say all dogs aggressive she just said these dogs are more likly to be agressive than others!but your are right about the dates!

  • i wouldnt say it is a vicous dog, but the shar pei, is a fighting dog, also from the chow chow, i thought may b in the top 10, even tho i love them

  • i just want to say that ,dogs turn in to what you train them to be i love dogs and i always have pit bulls and rottwailers i love them in 18 years i only have a problem with one of my puppies i got hem from a bad person.after some time he turn in to a lovely dog he was agresive as a guard and faithfull friend untill somebody kill hem.

  • Not all pit bull owners have them 4 fighting. Any1 that has a pitty 4 the right reasons will tell u that pit bulls r something else, they r a fun, loving, loyal, caring, dog, they r excellent with kids and they r a very good judge of character. They do get bored easy and r very active cheeky dogs, so they need things to play with and lots of walks. There is something about the pitt bull that u dont really find in other breeds..

  • This website stinks first of all dogs do not bite. They are very tempermental that’s all. Dogs bite because people annoy them, abuse them, or mistreat them. Everybody don’t listen to this its so not right. Some dogs bite anyway because some other dogs as their ancestor’s blood runs through them. Their ancestors must be tough dogs but she can someday train them right.

  • When you begin thinking of buying a dog, ask advice or watch those who have owned dogs for a good spell. Make sure to buy the dog that suits your life style, intended use, and with which you are compatible & comfortable. In addition, select a knowledgable person to ask questions of.
    Dogs and humans are somewhat alike in that, if we work and play in an environment we find comfortable, that suits our energy level, athletic ability, and psychological make-up, we are happier, make much better partners and become more productive. Put us in an environment that does not match the aforementioned and it probably will have an adverse affect on our productivity, along with our physical and mental health.

    The psychological make-up of a dog is reflected in the level of energy he generates in response to stimuli. This, coupled with their innate attributes, supports development of their abilities to perform better in one line of work as opposed to another. We cannot change what God created. However; we can use it where it best works.
    Consider, for example, a St Bernard 150 pounds and standing 30” tall. This guy is right for heavy draft work and play. If I want him as a lap dog, I would soon get very frustrated. Although, I may think his company may be better than being alone.

    If you are looking for a dog, find what breed or temperament others are using for your lifestylethis activity and select a dog out of that group that matches your life style. There are multitudes of breeds that have the ability to perform varied activities.

    A physiologically sound dog is trainable. A dog’s ability and performance is directly affected by the training or lack of training. The question is; are you able and knowledgeable enough to train it. Are you humble enough to know that you need help and willing to learn more about dog behavior.

    Ignorance is a state of mind we are all born with, but it is not mandatory to remain ignorant, that is a very personal and conscious decision.
    There is to much free and accessable information for one to remain ignorant and have an unhappy relationship with a dog.

  • thx godnes some1 elsethinks pitbulls r good dogs they r so sweet and cute i now ppl who have them they dnt bite and kille and they are not meant to kill or hurt. They insticnt is to obey their owner and be loyal i ve got a jack russel with some pitbul in him and he is so cute and sweet yes h can get agressive but he is so loving and cute. That is how they play we play tag a lot but yes your shirts get ripped but he doesnt do it anymore bc they learn they no the diference between right and wrong. Pit bulls and routweilers are not mean they r sweet you just have to train tem nily and hit them or get mad at them if they feel threatened they atack but tht is bc u theatened him. Theonly ppl tht can make a dog CRAZY IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s more ignorance in the posts here by pit bull defenders than anything else. Originally bred in China to protect the Emperor? LMAO! That’s priceless! The conformation of the modern pit bull is the direct result of its being bred as a fighting dog regardless of what its original purpose was. And for someone to say “pit bulls are sweet” seems to me no less ignorant than someone saying “pit bulls are dangerous.” Maybe your pit bull is sweet; not all are. It all depends on the individual dog; however, there are certain breed characteristics that make certain dogs more inherently “dangerous” than others. For instance, guarding instinct, suspicion of strangers, prey drive, etc. The fact is, if you want to use statistics to prove the dangerousness of certain breeds, then you would have to say the pit bull, statistically, is, by far, the most dangerous of dog breeds. It is the breed that statistically produces the most reported bites and the most reported fatalities. It’s not even close. Does that mean the pit bull is just a vile creature that can’t be trusted and should be destroyed? Of course not. Perhaps other breeds are even more aggressive, but how many people are going to report a Yorkie bite? The fact is, when a pit bull does decide to attack, it is capable of producing massive damage. They are also very pain tolerant, meaning there is little one can do to fend off an attack. Finally, pit bulls are often the dog of choice for thugs, drug dealers, and other ignorant people who simply own the animals as symbols of power or weapons of destruction. No dog breed is evil, but numbers don’t lie. If confronted by a roaming pit bull with a spiked collar, I’m much more likely to see my life flash before my eyes than if confronted by a golden retriever.

  • I have owned 9 dobermans and have never experienced dangerous behavior by any of them. They have all been extremely affectionate and loyal. I did have one prevent a stranger from entering our house once. The next day a rapist was caught in the neighborhood. Maybe had she been aggressive a rape would have been prevented.

  • I have had a few German Shepherd’s over the years. I truly believe that they are a great natured dog and do not think they should be on this list of top ten dangerous dogs. The description you say about them commented on them being ‘beautiful, loyal, obedient tempered, used for grazing sheep’. ….NOT ONE comment on how they are dangerous!! They are used as drug detecting dogs and are trained by professionals to chase down criminals. The Professionally trained commander stops the dog before it mauls the person. Obviously, other dogs that are on the list cannot be used for this because they have a tendency to not stop attacking another dog/person.

    A lot has to be said about how the dog is raised as a lot of people have said. This is absolutely true. However, a dog needs to be trusted when the owner is not there and it’s not good enough to say that a dog isn’t aggressive to humans so it’s okay to own because it’s ‘safe’, other dogs and animals are just important. It’s not fair to other well behaved (good natured) dogs to get attacked at a dog park or a dog beach etc.

    Another thing that isn’t really mentioned is that mixed dog breeds are a lot more dangerous than pure breeds. You are mixing two different types of dogs with different personality traits. Of course that will equal trouble!!

    Another important thing to mention that a lot of people are forgetting is that dogs are for companionship, good family fun day trips, to bring out compassion in people….They are not supposed to be bought for guarding a house or property. That does make them territorial and can endanger other people or dogs.

    All dogs have the potential to be dangerous and how it’s brought up does play a big factor in that but don’t forget some dogs will be more dangerous than others. Just like humans who were taught by their parents on how to behave they can still grow up to be abusive people. Animals are the same!

  • Dobermans were bred by an accountant… not a policeman…. and they are very misunderstood just like the pit. There is no such thing as dangerous dogs, just dangerous owners…

    I have several dobies and they are all the sweetest dogs I have ever owned.

  • pitbulls were not bred to fight they are popular for fighting dogs and you can train any dog to be a fighting dog. i think pitbulls are the BEST dogs out there

  • People, Bull baiting took place in england years ago, meaning fighting dogs against Bulls, larger dogs were used like the Mastiff’s the old bull terrier (the large breed). later bull baiting became illegal in england, then dog to dog combat became the new thing. a gentleman named James Hinks started breeding dogs, his quest for breeding was to achive a pure white dog. in his quest for whiteness he devolped the white english bull terrier,you know (Spuds Mckenzie). he had know intention of breeding a fighting dog, but this dog was game, he would fight & would not quit. people realized a stronger, smaller dog in comparision to mastiffs, quickness, strong jaws, would be the ultimate fighter, the Bull terrier was born, know as the white cavalier the English bull terrier was king in the ring. Later on dog to dog fighting became illegal in england, dog fighting then made it’s way to the U.S., Then through breeding differnt dogs with the English bull terrier (spuds) the American Pit bull developed. The Pit had nothing to do with the ASIAN Breeds, Its roots are most definetly from a fighting background. Through proper breeding the gamness of the animal can be breed out, the problem today with the PIT is so many people breed them to be game, meaning only breeding two game dogs together, People have created exactly what they wanted. But good AKC breeders have taken time to breed this dog correctly to remove the gameness from the animal, need to know which dog your buying.

  • I can understand why people are getting so bent out of shape when their dog shows up on a list like this. As a former owner of 2 Chow Chows (Wolfgang and Sebastian) I too use to get upset when someone would say my dog was vicious. To me my boys were the most loving dogs on earth, but I was not so stupid as to not realize that they along with any other breed of dog had the potential to do serious damage. Saying any breed of dog is vicious is like telling that person their child is a brat or is out of control. Because a lot of people think of their dog as one of the family and no one likes to hear anything negative about a family member. My dogs were fearless except for when it came to my Maine Coon cat Norman. They were scared to death of only him and with good reason. He was more vicious than any breed of dog on this list and would bit you without cause whenever the mood stuck him. What most people do not know is that some people are allergic to cat bites and it can be fatal. So just think…you could actually die from one tiny cat bite.

    I checked out the top ten causes of death and no where does it say a vicious dog attack. It does say unintentional accident but does not specifically vicious dog attack so getting hit by a bus can be included in that! A person is more likely to end up in a hospital dying of heart failure or even a cat bite than a vicious dog attack.

    Dog owners don’t let it get you down when they say your dog is vicious, because we really know that it is the owners of some of these breeds that are stupid enough to raise a dog like they themselves were raised. God help us if they have children too. If they are raising dogs to be like this can you imagine what the kids are like!!!

  • All dogs can be dangerous, take my grandmothers dog Pepper. It is a small nasty fur ball. It will gladly rip your hand off, though at times when it was lucidness it will play with you. Weird. I had a Rottweiler and the dog was incredible friendly and would go nuts when I got home. Lastly about Bullies. I forgot to ask permission before petting a dog that had come by. I was shocked it was a bully and his mother. These two dogs were incredibly friendly and that is the way I have most of them. The saddest thing I saw was a dog muzzled. The owner new he would bit and took the right precaution.

  • These comments seem to an endless; I suppose as endless as is the list of first time dog owners. However” Ignorance’ is a state of mind we are all born with, but it is not mandatory to remain ignorant, that is a very personal and conscious decision.
    There is to much free and accessable information; for one to remain ignorant and have an unhappy relationship with a dog.

  • Nice overview and cute pictures covering the most dangerous dogs – which can be like puppy dogs treated and trained the right way! Even the Pit bull could charm the unsuspecting….

  • You know, why is it that when people own the dogs that on the most dangerous list. They feel the need to justify that their sweet pooch shouldn’t be on the list be THEIR dog is so nice. This list isn’t talking about YOUR dog. They are talking about the power of dogs like yours. If you own a nice pitbull, doberman, rottweiler, etc., what does that have to do with the fact that statistics of people who have been mauled killed or mamed most one of the these kinds of dogs. Absolutely nothing! People are so selfish, and can only think about themselves. But let me tell you, I have seen it too many time on the news, and heard it said, “he/she’s never done anything like this before. He/she has always been the most sweet dog to OUR friends and family. See once again, it about you and your four and not more. Every dog on this list petrifies most people not because of how sweet they are, but because of their capabilities. Owners of these dogs need to get the revelation. To have one the dogs on this list, you will have to deal with the attitudes and statistics that goes along with having one. A mean rushing chihuahua, cocker spaniel or yorker terrier, can be kicked into submission. But what in the world can anyone do with a mean rushing, any one of the dogs on this list? Nothing, but be absolutely and totally harmed. Ask the people who have already experienced it. Get the revelation. That’s what this list is about. Not about YOUR SWEET LITTLE POOCH!

  • Marie!
    You are on target. I stated this early up on this site and I will repeat it for those who didn’ t read it. It is of coursr my opinion
    The Pit Bull in comparison to other dogs is; (this may be over simplifying) a 44 magnum pistol; whereas the average dog is a 22 pistol. If the same surface of your shoulder is hit with a bullet from a 22 pistol, it is probably going to hurt, and may have residual adverse affect on ones use of that shoulder, if that same surface area is hit with a bullet from a 44 magnum; your shoulder will probably be destroyed. I am not an expert in guns and their capacity, although I shot both, the 44 magnum and the 22 short.
    Thinking along these same lines of potential affect of various dogs; I posed a question to myself. The law enforcement agencies use the fear factor of a growling snarling lunging dog. So why do the police not use Pit Bulls in their every day work? The police use other dogs, in high public profile, to support their law enforcement efforts, so why not the pit bull? A dog growling and lunging at the leash is a powerful image and certainly is a deterrent to my approaching that officer or the dog. If it were a Pit bull; with my perception and understanding of that dog; my fear and concern would be much greater. Because I do not think the dog is anywhere near as reliable to obedience as the other dogs.
    Police use these same dogs for patrolling with them on leash, riding with them in the cars, detecting drugs, and perhaps other areas as well. From what little’ I know of the Pit Bull and of other breeds; I would not want to be in a crowd of people where a Pit Bull is on leash and I am restricted from moving away from him.

  • All these hot shots thinking they can just waltz in and start preaching on this ” gentle, misunderstood creature ” make me sick. I am so sick and tired of these people standing up for these lousy excuses for dogs. Do you have any idea how dangerous these things are? Keep in mind that the pit bull had nothing to do with its origin, and that its fighting background was created by humans, but do not label them as just any other dog. They are dangerous and volatile animals, and those out there who think its acceptable to let pit bulls wander around your children need to rethink this decision fast. I have heard too many stories on the news about little toddlers being mauled by pit bulls, and its upsetting to know that something so savage could have been prevented by not wasting your money on such a dangerous animal. And PLEASE stop saying how cute and innocent your pit bull is. A)Pit bulls are hideous B)They are not at all innocent and C)Your pit bull may not have the same characteristics as the rest of its breed. Pits give dogs as a whole a really bad name.

  • And I don’t get my information off the internet, because the internet “can be full of misleading information” I got mine first hand when a pit bull killed my cat and attacked two other people before finally being put to sleep. All of you who plan on defending this breed better have a good reason to do it, because someone somewhere needs to give me a good reason why the breed shouldn’t be banned from the U.S. entirely.

    • So sorry to hear about your kitty Rudi, but I must stop you there.

      I myself dont own a pitbull, nor do I plan to. But all dogs can snap, all dogs can cause damage.

      I have been attacked by a labrador TWICE. The breed is known for having a softer mouth used to retrieve waterfowl, but ask anyone who has been bitten by one and they’ll tell you their mouths are anything but soft.
      Once the dog seriously injured me and I had to get a series of stitches and mild surgery on my hand while the second time I was bittn my dog was seriously injured.

      One pitbull does not account for the entire breed, and actually the “pitbull” is made up of several different breeds, so statistics that state that pitbulls attack more than any other dog can be misleading.

      And not to be rude or blunt, but just because one piece-of-crap dog killed your cat, doesnt mean the breed wil be banned. What do you plan on telling the legislatures? “Oh well this pitbull attacked and killed my cat, so let’s condemn the whole breed!”

      And not to be a moron who equates humans with animals, but I must use this comparison for a moment:
      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen african americans attack other people, especially gang members. But does that mean that they can all “snap” one day and start shooting people? No.

      Also, dogs dont just “snap”. We will most likely never be able to understand the mind of a dog, so we will never be able to understand why they attack. We’re just going to have to live with that fact, because let’s face it: we can’t understand everything on our planet as much as we like to believe we could.

      PS: The lead biting dog breed in the US and Asia is the Chow-Chow. And you can take that to the bank.

      • well said well said also have to add golden retrievers have been known to snap but you will never hear about that in the paper but if it was a pit bull you would never hear the end of it.

  • what do u all think of the french mastiff as a dangerous dog. im sorry to say but i very much doubt a boxer should be on this list as mine wont stop greeting people by jumpin them just to lick them to death.

  • See here we go again, selfishness! “‘MY’ friends” two PITS love’s cats”. So what’s your point, in the whole scheme of this issue. None! This is, “once again” not about YOUR friends pitts! Ugh! It’s hopeless!

  • Marie
    It is not hopelss……It is endless. English boy says; as a visitor, I must tolerate his dog jumping on me in addition to slobbering on my clothes,. Biggie says his friends two Pit Bulls loves Cats, why would they feed their dog cats. 🙂 ):

    We are born ignorant, that being a lack of knowledge. Some do not want to learn or cultivate knowledge, which makes it difficult for them to gain insight and wisdom of how to use knowledge. Not to imply that knowledge and wisdom walk hand in hand

    If we, who have knowledge and experience, just share what we have, which is a common love for dogs, and do so in kindness….this may be all we can do.

  • i think dobermans and pits are the most aggresive and vicous but depends on the dog also i know my dobermans are very protective and will bite on command i would recomend the doberman to any person

  • I have the sweetest German Shepard that ever lived.She was attaked TWICE by two breeds that are not on this list.The boerbull,who attaked our dog killed a yorkie,jack russel and 2 fox terriers.I saw the jack russel die.The bull mastiff bit my dog and me it troumatised my daughter so much she refused to go on walks anymore and she would beg and cry for me not to go walk the dogs.Also my GERMAN sHEPARD WOULD NOT GO ON WALKS!She would walk 20 feet and stop and pull towards home.Whats amazing is that the first time after that incident my daughter walked with us Tessa was okay because my daughter kept talking to her.I belive that dogs owners are responsible for their pets,I am an animal lover and does not want animals to be put doun unesseserily howeever when a dog kills 4 dogs and may bite a child it should be humanely uthenised.

  • Hello Mom
    This senseless injury and uncontrolled dogs just seems endless, The sad part is; in most cases these incidents could be avoided, it is not the dogs fault, However this does not lessen the adverse residual impact to the victim dog and owners.
    Unless there were unusual circumstance involving the attacks I would think you will have no trouble getting justice…..medical bills and such; IF YOU persist in insistist the owners be held responsable. You should consider your self and daughter fortunate if you both come through such an experience with out physical injury, to compound your emotional state. I would like to know the physical circumstance of the two incidents. How, When, Where, leashes or at liberty’

  • I’m sure your little beagle or other “kick dogs” do have a higher temperment but i really don’t think thats what this articles about. Many smaller dogs will snap a lot faster than a rot, german shephard or a pitbull but, i doubt there are that many recorded deaths from these nepolean dogs. Sure there are other breeds with a higher temperment but they definantly wouldn’t be on a list of the top “dangeous” dogs. Its all in the amount of damage they can do statistically and otherwise. And I do totally agree that it is not all on the breed. Some breeds you have to work harder with but it is all on how you raise your dog.

  • I think, that with proper training of the dog and awareness of the dog owner, most dogs will not be harmful. It’s only when either the dogs did not learn to follow rules or the owners aren’t really aware of the potential of their dogs, things tend to go wrong.

  • Myself and my fiance’ have now rescued our 18th APBT “american pitbull terrior” and well i have to say from the small female we last rescued that i had to cut her collar from her neck to the 100+ lbs. red nose that I rescued all of them have been the greatest dogs in the world yes some of them have their problems here and there but with work all of them have turned out to be great family dogs and have either been turned out to homes were they still reside, we now have 4 of our own dogs one of which we just took in 3 days ago she was out roaming the streets scrouring trash cans for a meal. Go to search atts and check out the statistics there they are real, tried and true, they have backing all the way to 1970’s they tell the whole story and the true story. As for anyone i have seen pitbulls come and go, but in the end they are all good dogs just like any other dog its just how much love and attention they are givin to reach the potential that they are already capable of reaching.

  • i have 2 Dogo Argentinos and from what i have read about them, they seem to be a very dangerous dogs. they replaced the cordova fighting dog which is now extinct, but somehow the Dogo never makes it to the Top ten list, maybe its because they are rare dogs and very well know??

  • Hi I’m an owner of a Pit bull as well.. And some of you are saying, People need to do Their research, Well sorry to say it but so do you. Pit bulls start from the WAR. They used them to go into the trenches first and they were known to take at least 2 to 3 shot and still keep coming at you. They also were cop dogs. And in the states the worlds biggest drug bust by a dog, was a pit bull and still has not been beaten.. And some one said up their to that they need to be raised by the right person and they are so right.. I found my dog almost 3 years ago.. On the road beaten,bleeding and hungry.. I took her in, love and care. She wont leave my side. BUT as some said. You can’t not be scared of them or they will run you. I was at first and she tryed to run me. Untill I did alllllllllooooottt of research to see what I was getting into. Then I learn to not let her dominate me, to show her who is boss, No hitting or anything. You don’t need to hit your dog. I could go on and on. Long story short. My dog was tooken because she was not registered or anything. I mite not get her back. Because of all these a*shole that should not own a pit bull. Remember they can feel too, they have a hart, they can love, they can sense fear, They are just like us, but different..

  • After reading this with an open mind i feel like i should share some of my stories! First of all, i live in England where pitt bulls are banned, which is totally unfair in my opinion. I would love to own one myself, but because of bad press, its impossible! My family members have owned large dogs and luckily they have been the sweetest things. One aunty owned a doberman, mainly to bark at burglars (they got broke into a lot) but whenever anyone went to the door, it played dead! Another pet was a rhodesian ridgeback. There were 2 young children in the house living with it, and it loved bath time. Whenever one child had finished in the bath, it would gently hold the towel the child was wrapped in in its mouth and walk him down stairs to the rug infront of the fire to dry off until the other kid and mom came down. If the boy moved from the fire the dog would gently nudge him back to the rug and sit with him. Pretty amazing i think! I have been around rescue dogs in kennels that seem aggressive, but if you approached them correctly they would sit and wag their tails!! So i strongly believe in 2 sides to dog aggression. Firstly, it helps if the dog has been brought up by a responsible owner, and secondly, if you approach the dog in an aggressive manner, such as not respecting their personal space, not allowing them to smell you, and giving eye contact, then in the dog world you are challenging them, and they will react!! Dont wanna be attacked? Respect the dog 🙂

    And btw. the worst bite i ever got was from my uncle’s cat! I have scarred hands and arms as they dont just bite, they latch on with all their claws. Also they have more bacteria in the mouth than dogs so the bites are more likely to get a nasty infection. But do you ever see a cat being put to sleep because it bit someone who annoyed it?? Or a “dangerous cat list”? Nope!!

    Thanks for reading, hope the ban on pitts in England gets lifted!!

  • Just a little add-on from reading more comments. Some people comment on dogs being ugly, dangerous, and creating a “bad name”. Im sorry, but plenty of people are ugly, only humans wage wars killing thousands and thousands of people, yet we’re the most intelligent species on the planet? Humans cause more damage in total than sharks, lions, snakes, crocodiles/alligators, all animals put together. So come on people, thats really not fair hating a dog cos you think its ugly and can wake up on the wrong side of the basket.

  • “Most Dangerous Dogs” ? Gotta be kidding right? Yeah. Surely. Totally uneducated list 😀

    How could they forget breeds like the Fila Brasiliero, Caucasian Ovtcharka, Alabai, Kangal, Tosa and Bully Kutta? 🙂


  • I’m sorry but did you do any research before typing up that bunch of bull sh*t?
    Anyone who know the history of Rottweilers can easily say that they were bread for HERDING!

    I think most Rotties love other dogs. Most of the Rottie owners I know always has at least 2 of them.

  • pitbulls are NOT DANGEROUS none of these dogs are the ones who are dangerous are the people who raise them i have two pits my self and one is mentally retarded and the other is the best dog you will ever meet they both listen and would never hurt a fly so tell me again why you think any of these dogs are mean o thats right their owners. treat them right and they will be your best friends forever!

  • One of my cousins mom has over 7 dogs and all different specis and none of them are dangerous.I say that the reason some dogs are dangerous its because the way the owner treats them. 🙂

  • just one post here and then Im done.. For a bit of background, I am a member of and certified decoy for( that’s the guy in the bite suit ) an accredited organization whose purpose is to help train and certify police dogs and privately owned working / protection dogs. I make no claims of being an end all expert, but as such, I have an insight into training methods and canine behaviors. We assist and train dogs for detection of explosives and narcotics, open area and building searches, patrol, protection, obedience, and agility. ( note that our agility training is not competitive agility as per AKC agility but rather, teaching dogs to overcome and navigate obstacles they may possibly encounter in “real world” working scenarios.

    So, although I believe the original article was written with good intentions, I think it does more harm than good. I believe this because all of the sources quoted where I believe narrow in opinion, based on very specific factors and they all lack what I would consider “equal statistical comparison’s” for the lack of better term. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see any of the sources quoted address breed popularity and density. There was no comparisons based on equal numbers, but rather the results were based on reported “incidents” with no regard to any other factors. This article should be retitled as “dog breeds to be aware of” or “dog breeds to pay attention to” something other than “The most dangerous dogs” because it very clearly doesn’t come anywhere close living up to it’s title.

    As others have already articulated, I’m mostly in the camp that believes human error is the primary cause of overly aggressive, dangerous dogs. I’m the first to say that there most certainly are exceptions, I’ve been witness to them, but the fact remains that most of the time, its human influence that damages the dog and not the other way around. I also agree very strongly with Jen’s post. Many people are simply “dog ignorant”. I fully believe as others have stated, that we, as dog owners and perspective dog owners need to be responsible and realistic. We need to do our best to insure we don’t put our dogs and other people into situations that could result in something bad happening. It means we need to know the characteristics and behavioral tendencies of our chosen breed and handle them accordingly. And obviously as such, we need to be aware of and attend to the proper care and treatment of our dogs. There are shelters and kennels and rescue groups stock full of unwanted dogs that are in those circumstances for no other reason than human stupidity and selfishness.

    With regard to the “most dangerous dogs” listed in this article.. The first mistake is, as a few others have indicated, there 5 or 6 dog breed not mentioned that are in reality far more dangerous and difficult to handle and train than those listed. The Bully kutta, and Tosa Inu are such examples.

    The next point is, a large number of the dog bite incidents quoted by the sources.. are not intentional attacks by dogs. Rather, they are caused by a total lack of knowledge, and respect of canine behavior by handlers, owners and the general public. I do decoy work and trust me, there is a huge difference in a dog giving a single bite for whatever reason vs a dog “attacking” or “fighting” in full prey, fight or defensive drive. Obviously, there are documented cases where a dog or pack of dogs have intentionally attacked a human in full prey or fight drive, but those are the exception and not the rule I agree with Jen and Hannah, if more people simply took the time to be more attentive, and be more realistic and responsible, the number of dog bites, especially bites involving children would drop dramatically.

    Are there “bad” dogs, of course there are. But are dogs more or less dangerous based on breed? I would say no. Obviously, like all things in life there are exceptions to every rule but that applies singularly here. Yes, there is the occasional “bad” pit, just like there’s the occasional “bad” GSD or Rottie or Golden.. unfortunately, it happens. But, to say pits as a breed or more dangerous than Golden’s or Lab’s.. I can’t agree with that. BSL or breed specific legislation to the best of my research abilities hasn’t effected the rate or severity of dogs bites at all in USA. ( I can’t speak for other countries ) And as such I see it basically as a way for politicians to pretend to address a social issue or problem without actually have to address it’s root cause.

    And lastly, Jack, we’re all entitled to our opinion but I really wish you’d not use the pit is a 44 mag and other dogs are .22’s analogy. First it shows a lack of any realistic firearms knowledge and more than that.. it shows what I’d say is a lack of understanding and experience when it comes to the capabilities of various dog breeds. Pits bite and hold… so they rate a .40 smith and wesson.. maybe.. a bite from a big pit is bad but not nearly as bad a bite from say.. a bully kutta, or a presa or a tosa say.. when we get to these breeds we are now talking .44 mag.. and if you really want a “big gun” bite.. lets talk about a trained eastern bloc GSD or Mally or a trained Bully or Tosa.. trust me jack I work in a bite suit and I know the difference..

    Anyway.. just me 2 cents..

    Cheers people


  • one last thing.. my apologies for the grammatical errors in my first post.. I typed this on a netbook and didn’t get all the fixes.. my bad


  • Hello Greg
    This name of this site; “The Most Dangious Dogs in the World” is certainly not accurate in the content. However I think it incites people to comment and debate. Which I think is good, as it creates communication. Communication leads to Resolution” As I see it; we are all entitled to our opinion be it ignorant, bisaed, or knowledgable in experience. As long as there is communication the truth will eventually prevail. Learning is an intentional and unintentional process, however we as individuals have the responsability to establish what we learn’ is in fact the truth.

    I think for the mos’t part your comments were accurate, When one writes a public comment, one must be very accurate in the content. Below are my thoughts

    Can proper obedience training and owner control make a potentially ‘ Dangerous Dog a safe canine companion? What about a pit bull with inherent dominance and fighting ability?
    I was reading a newspaper article about Walton KY not permitting Pit Bulls in the city. The Pit Bull is a beautiful, magnificent looking animal, with very powerful physical abilities. Like any animal of this magnitude, they demand one’s attention and admiration and in my case, concern and absolute respect for their capacity.

    Respect is a little word with many connotations as well as a two way street. From what I see, most people are not worthy of a dogs respect much less obedience.

    I must say I have handled only about three or four Pit bulls; so I do not consider myself an authority on that breed. But I am competent and understanding of the psychological makeup of the average dog, which allows me to train them. Any good trainer can train any dog to perform what that dog is physically capable of. A trainer cannot make a dog reliable or a change the breed characteristics a dog is born with. No trainer can insure that training and control will be properly maintained by the owner.

    The Pit Bull is fearless and relentless in combat whether in self defense or initiating the opponent. Pitbulls can weigh in at a formidable 100 pounds. They can be a serious threat to the safety of owners, other people and dogs, unless the owners acknowledge and accept their responsibility.

    The owners must change the way they think of their dogs. They must learn to recognize and understand how a dog communicates in addition to learning and understanding their dog’s attributes, ability, and capacity.

    To a dog we are merely an animal, some of us are big (adults) some are small (infants and children). As regards Pit bulls; there are far too many incidents in which Pit Bulls, at home and in public, have wreaked havoc on people. These incidence of injury, (which are far greater in damages to persons than with the average dog), could not have taken place in most cases, if the owner/handler knew and was attentive to the dog’s communications.

    When in public all dogs should be on leash. The leash and collar (capable of restraining the dog in times of stress) is probably the most valuable piece of equipment one can own. The leash will keep your dog from going towards trouble and it enhances handling the dog safely, should trouble come to them.

    If a person handling a 100 pound dog was jerked to the ground and retained hold of the leash, it would be very difficult for a 100 pound dog to drag the average 150 pound person for any great of distance in an effort to get to another dog or person.

    I am a practicing trainer of dogs for obedience and horses for riding and driving, single or multi hitch. I am nomadic, in that I travel across the U.S.A. in my work. I like to think I keep my opinion open to persuasion, which keeps my mind open to learning. In my travels, I have retrained aggressive dogs and they adjusted well. When I take a dog to train, I work with the owners also. I try to enhance their understanding of what they must learn and practice if they want to maintain a good relationship with their dog. I have found all dogs are not good natured and compatible with the average person. In my travels I see a lot of good natured animals, but also ill natured animals being handled badly.

    Most of the time, I found the owners were lacking in their dedication in communication with their dog, which allows the dog to regress back to its former undesirable behavior. This is one of the reasons I do not train Pit Bulls, (Ammendment; or other big’ dogs of like innate capacity). I do not want my name referenced as the trainer, should a mishap occur.

    The Pit bull is an animal, and other like any animal of like innate capacity, he is subject to good training. However, I personally cannot train him to a degree of reliability within my comfort zone; that to which I can train most dogs. There are approximately 65 million dogs in the U.S.A. Every one of these animals; think, perceive, interpret and react. Although we can and do train our animals to respond only to our personal directive, they can and do respond to circumstance without our directing them.

    A dog is like a small child; and we must constantly be aware of what they are doing and thinking if we are to keep them from harm’s way. Both will learn with or without our input so there must be a strong leader to protect and train them. Without that leadership, respect and obedience will not happen. Respect is not an innate attribute of a dog or a child; it must be learned and earned. A dog or child who does not respect humans becomes empowered and becomes the leader in that relationship.

    Aggression in any breed is a concern. With Pit Bulls, the consequences of an attack is paramount. I do not trust any person or animal as individuals, until they have proven trustworthy. I give both the same respect I would give a person with a gun in their hand, that being I do not place myself in a position where that persons carelessness will cause me harm.

    Safety in handling dogs can only come from recognizing, understanding, learning, and using the mediums of communication the dog uses which, are Visual, that being physical movement of their extremities individually or in correlation, therefore we must be in a position to see the communications, such as the dog’s tail and/or ear movement, their body frame. Sound, that being the levels of barking, growls, whines, moans, therefore we must be in a position to hear the communication, and Tactile, that being; physical touch, therefore we must be in a position to feel the communication, such as the dog pulling on the leash while I am walking him. The dog’s communication conveys his intent or feeling toward something which has got his attention, be it animal, vegetable or mineral.

    We breed dogs to develop certain innate features/traits. The Pit Bull and other dogs of like capacity were bred for the purpose of deterring threats by aggressive means. These traits remain in the dog today, although the average person having these dogs today, do not own or need them for the original purpose of breeding. The “need” has turned to a “desire.” Average owners are ignorant of and lack respect for the breeds capacity, training limits, and unreliability as regards obedience. Does this make the Pit Bull a BAD DOG? NO! It makes them dog with traits, just like a sight hound verses a Scent hound. They are both dogs, but have capacities and limits that must be respected. Are there exceptions? YES.

    An Obedient, reliable dog follows the handlers command, even though it does not want to. This means when there is a threat, or other stimulus which incites the dog to revert back to his “innate state” of survival; your “training” which the dog learned to trust, will surface and override his natural instincts to fight, flight, or chase. This type of training requires dedication, which I find the majority and average dog owners do not have.

    In comparing various breeds of dogs, we must look at their purpose and capacity, much like one would compare guns. For example; if there were a 44 magnum pistol, loaded, laying on a table….it is not dangerous!!! The gun does not think, interpret and react on its own as a dog does. A gun only becomes dangerous when someone picks it up, and is careless with it, or intentionally uses it,

    The Pit Bull in comparison to other dogs is (this may be over simplifying) a 44 magnum pistol; whereas the average dog is a 22 pistol. If the same surface of your shoulder is hit with a bullet from a 22 pistol, it is probably going to hurt, and may have residual adverse affect. If that same surface area is hit with a bullet from a 44 magnum; your shoulder will probably be destroyed. I am not an expert in guns but please trust my analogy.

    Thinking along these same lines of potential affect of various dogs; I posed a question to myself. The law enforcement agencies use the fear factor of a growling snarling lunging dog. So why do the police not use Pit Bulls in their every day work? The police use other dogs, in high public profile, to support their law enforcement efforts, so why not the pit bull? A dog growling and lunging at the leash is a powerful image and certainly is a deterrent to any hostile approach to that officer. If it were a Pit bull; with my perception and understanding of that dog; my fear and concern would be much greater. The pit bull is rarely used because it isn’t anywhere near as reliable to obedience as the other breeds used in law enforcement. And let’s face it, I would not want to be in a crowd of people where a Pit Bull is on aggression leash and I am restricted from moving away from him.

    In closing; Do a group of citizens with a vested interest; have the right to ask for protection of animals through legislation by restricting certain animals and where they may be housed and what materials and specification must be used for such housing? YES Should animal owners be required to ensure their dogs remain on their property, and not place me and mine in peril? YES. Should Animal owners be held accountable for injury and mayhem their animals commit intentionally or unintentionally? YES

    Rights of Americans” it seem are no longer “inalienable”, but must now be legislated. That is not the way it should be. We have enough legislation; however irresponsible, ignorant, and selfish people require or cause more legislation. Therefore; we must be diligent and prudent in writing such legislation, and in requiring responsible ownership. Can we require owners of put bulls or certain other breeds to train them? No, but we can and must educate all dog owners.

    I plead with you to share with me the manner of training which you use to secure the reliability of obedience of the dog(s) in question. I am sure if you can secure such a status, law enforcement would certainly incorporate them into their present canine program, in addition the various breeders would hail you’; and rightly so’ as a worthy and creditable person and trainer, for enhnacing the public acceptance of their breed.

    jack vance

    • Pitbulls actually were bread for fighting but the fighting back thenwas far less aggressive, bt they were also bread for bull baiting and baby sittiing, I would also like to say that pitbulls do not have a lOck jaw

  • All of these dogs are not at all the way people say they are cause I got a pitbull my self and she is just a sweet heart she don’t bark or even bite now I got a toy yorkie and my pitbull is scared of him but they love each other they play eat drink and even sleep together..

  • I wish dogs weren’t so dangerous, and they aren’t. It depends on the way you treat them. I want one real bad!

  • I have a malamute and a malamute/german shepherd. Both are rescues and both were seriously abused before brought into rescue. They are probably the best dogs we have ever had. I grew up with german shepherds and never had an instance where they were aggressive unless their “people” were threatened and even then would respond to commands by their owners. I think the reason these dogs are listed as “most dangerous” are strictly because IF they decide to bite they can do more damage than many other breeds. I think them little yippy dogs are more aggressive than most big dogs!

  • I really like your website here. I have three dogs of my own: 1) a boxer-pit mix 2) a Huskey mix and 3) an Australian Shepherd. All where rescues. I think with work and having the owner realizing what ANY dog can do, I believe that all dogs can have a great life.

  • i have pitbulls they are good dogs mines play with kids all the time im 34 yrs old i’ve had pitbulls sense i was a little boy never once have they bit or growl at anyone unless you were trying to harm a family member pitbulls are easy to train if you know what your doing i trained my dogs to go to the bathroom on command an im not a trainer some of our presidents had pitbulls an they were used in world war I & II an they where given medals they are an american symbel just like the eagle but the bad rap took that away know your history before you blab that out their

  • Wow,it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people are of pitbulls. First off I own two,they are the first pitbulls I have owned but I have been around a ton of them in my life and I think I have had an interaction with one that was beaten that was not of the sweetest disposition. I do construction and my co-workers two australian cattle dog’s are the ones trying to show dominance over my pit’s. The bully breeds in my experiance are some of the sweetest dog’s out there,and as long as they are raised with love and a calm leader there is no safer dog for a family pet,in fact before dog fighting became what they were known for they were referred to as the “nanny dog” in england. They are a sport dog and unfortunatly the sports they were breed for are blood sports,bull baiting,bear baiting and later dog fighting. But I’m curious where this information really came from because the last information I saw that had to do with dog breed’s biting human’s the weiner dog came in at number 1,followed by the fox terrier and pit’s didnt hit the list till number 11. Every dog has a snapping point I’ve been bit by a blue healer, a border collie and a fox terrier for trying to pick up his toy(my bad) but I can take my pit’s food out of their bowl with no response hell my cat eats out of their bowl while they are eating it. The dogs have been fighting dog’s but that is a people problem dont forget they are also therepy dog’s,they accel at agility sports,weight pulling,they are even used in law enforcment and they have and can be used as herding dog’s. Do not form an uneducated opinion on dog’s of any breed but especially one like the pitbull if you have only dealt with 4 dog’s of a certain breed you should probably keep your disinformation to yourself,hell I’ve been around more than 4 yellow lab’s that were horrible dog’s when it came to temperment but I would never try and smear the breed.

  • the person who dream t this bulls*it up knows nothing about seriously dangerous breeds the pit bull number 1 are you serious human aggression was a very undesirable trait in the breed yes aggression toward animals that’s a different story they were used to fight each other aggression toward humans would be dangerous to the very people who owned them the original breeders bread this trait out of them yes irresponsible people who shouldn’t own them in the first place can make them aggressive toward people but they are the number 2 dog to own behind only the lab if you have kids if you get them from a puppy and socialize them properly that’s fact not fiction you never even mentioned the cane corso mastiff which was bread to be more of the people aggressive guard type dog pit bulls are actually not even very serious when it comes to truly serious dogs true pit bulls don’t generally exceed 60 to 75 pounds there are dogs that are way more people aggressive by breed and weigh twice as much long story short pit bulls not in the top ten definitely not number 1

  • This is just a list of dogs originally bred for hunting, what about the Bedlington Terrier and Shar Pei originally bred as a fighting dogs like the Pit Bull.

  • i have a germin shephered and a boxer. the German Shepherd is the biggest baby i know he loves kids and would never hurt anyone. my Chihuahua on the other hand is a big baby to but she hates the boxer and always barks at him. she is good to the family she is just jealous. i had a Rottweiler the my german shepered tried to save from a car but it was to late. he was a great dog. they all are.

  • This is to Clarkson and who ever else would like to say that the pitbulls belong on the dangerous dogs list, im not saying they CANT BE but when raised right THEY ARENT! And you try and tell my friend 7 yr old boy that my am. staff Kia and am. staff/shar-pei Maggie are THE DANGEROUS DOG WHEN HE HAD HIS FACE RIPPED OFF BY A GOLDEN RETRIVER YELLOW LAB CROSS!!! All 3 dogs knew the little boy just as long and played with him altogther EVERYDAY FOR 8 YRS and if it hadn’t of been for my “VICIOUS PITBULLS” jumping through a patio door to go after max, the dog who ripped the kids face off, HE WOULD BE DEAD!!! ANY DOG HAD THE POTENTIAL TO BE DANGEROUS THESE DOGS RAE TOP ON THE LIST FOR THE ONLY REASON BEING THAT THEY Are the most popular in the states! So in other words the more popualr the breed THE MORE BAD OWNERS THAT ARE GOING TO OWN THEM! TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LIST OF 75 breeds that are either restricted or banned thorugh out the world and YOU TELL ME which breeds surprise you the most for making the list!! oh and by the way there is over 100 breeds banned and restricted through out the world so if YOUR DOG ISNT ON HERE BET I CAN FIND ONE THAT HE IS ON! PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!!

  • oh and P.S Did you people who keep saying “i heard this pitbull attack on the news/newspaper did you not realize how it’s always a TYPE?! A i bet you 100 bucks that if a pitbull and one of the other many breeds who are misidentified as pitbulls walked up to you, you would n’t have a damn clue which one was actually the pitbull!! aND i can prove it! go to this page and find the pitbull for yourself!

  • to be honest Dobermans are the best dog to me. i have a one year old that could do any everything to him and he would take it. I recently had to give him up b/c he is on this list and i think it is wrong, oh wel. his new owner has a 17 year old kid that take him to the football felid and lets him run and he loves any and every one. i have never seen him get get aggressive to any one or anything. my apt manager told me to get rid of him or we all go well we all are going, here is the kicker. she is allowing a dalamtion on property that if you get with in 5 feet of it it is snapping at you to try an bite you, is this right or wrong?

  • I have two chow chows and they are great. i am in a delimma, my mom’s homeowners insurance will not cover them. all of you with strong breeds, what do you do? please help me, I do not want to get rid of them.

  • i have 4 rootwailer dogs which i want to sale him some one bue this dogs plz contuct with me my num is 03345353153

  • that Great i like it very much and this is just a list of dogs originally bred for hunting, what about the Bedlington Terrier and Shar Pei originally bred as a fighting dogs like the Pit Bull

  • Let’s face it, Pitbulls may not be as dangerous as most people make out, but they are used as some sort of status symbol for the uneducated that offen that undoubtedly you will look like a commoner with one! Fact.

  • I have had my first pitbull since she was 11 months old and she is almost 11 years old now, she is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She has always been around other dogs, we currently have a shichon and a 4 month old pitbull and have never had a problem. I have raised two kids, ages 10 & 5 and they have also never had a problem although if you ask me the 5 year old has been pretty aggressive with her at times so I’m surprised. We actually have more problems with our 4 year old Shichon trying to attack the pitbull at bed time as she doesn’t want the pitbull in our bedroom and then pitbull calmly walks away. She is now mostly blind, can barely hear and has cancer behind her front paw which causes her pain yet she is still good natured, lets the 4-month old pitbull crawl/lay all over her and plays with her. ANY dog can attack, I had my face ripped open when I was ten by a TOY POODLE. Pitbulls get a rotten deal because of a few bad dogs and bad owners.

  • I would also like to add after reading comments that to say all pitbulls are bad are like saying that all men who come from the ‘hood are gang members or all the girls end up pregnant at 15, no one should just any person or animal based on their “breed”

  • i want to have a dog at my place…
    there will not be any1 at my place ..and my aunt will be alone sometimes and there is a risk of buglary and all….so i wanted to have a active,strong,alert and family +caring dog and family protective too…
    can i gt a match to this…??

  • I read through your interesting article on dangerous dogs. but why have you turned Nelon’s eye towards Inida ? !

    There is a south Indian breed called ‘Rajapalayam’ Average (shoulder) height is 25 ” (Male). Pure white with rose colored nose. It is a guard as well as a hunting dog. it always goes for the throat when it attacks. It does not tolerate strangers in its master’s territory. It is said that in good old times about 5 of them could corner a tiger and maul it to death.

  • It depends on how the dog is raised but i feel if not raised well rottweilers are the most dangerous.The brutual attacks speak for it.

  • I had to look after a friend’s pit bull who was injured and had maggots. The dog ended up staying with our family for 3 months. Despite being injured and in pain, it would let me clean out its wounds, remove the maggots and dress it. My wife had a morbid fear of dogs however this dog wormed its way into her heart too. It was a very gentle loving soul and soon could be found dozing at my wife’s feet as she watched TV. When the time came for it to leave we were all in tears. This was our family’s only contact with a Pit Bull and we all still love it to bits.

  • I agree with Don…Pitbulls are the most loayl/loving dogs. i am one of 9 kids and my father has trained the police k-9s and other dogs…we have had many dogs from german shepards, to great pyerenees, labs, huskies, and now 2 pitbulls. my father has even said the pitbulls are the best he has had. the only problem hes had with them, that took longer to train than all the rest was the house breaking..they are little babies and all they want to do is cuddle and lick you to death. the news doesnt show/tell about other dogs attacking kids because they are considered good family dogs…huskies, german sheppards, saint barnards, dalmations, ECT are on the list of most agressive dogs, before you go and listen to what you HEAR…find out for yourself, read about them. pitbulls are the most loyal, friendly,loving, family dogs. to own a ABT you need to know how to train them right, people who dont know what they’re doing or know about the breed should NOT get one, a poorly trained ABT will show just like any other breed. and because of those people this breed has the reputation it does. THANKS ALOT!
    i have 60+ cousins on just my fathers side of the family…from infants to 30 yr olds..the babies roll around with them.the dogs sit there while the babies are pulling on their ears and putting their hands in the mouths and they try and spit the hands out.
    I LOVE PITBULLS and everyone has the wrong impression of them it gets me so mad!!

  • to bad i couldnt post the picture of them with the kids …the kids torture the poor things and they sit and let them..i sleep with them everynight and they have to cuddle up to my neck they both fight to get the closest.

  • What about Combai? Combai is superior to the Rajapalayam. A Combai is an intelligent and sensible family dog, as a German shepherd, and as ferocious as Rottweiler to intruders. In demanding circumstances, they can fight intruders (whether humans or animals) until death.

  • I;ve had dogs for 50 years. All breeds are capable of dedication and acting with proper brhavior. Some of the more powerful breeds may pose too much of a challege for the inexperienced dog owner. People that encounter being challenged by an aspiring growing puppy, and developing it’s personality; should contact a reputable breeder if they don’t know what to properly do. This is a critical time to correct a badly developing trait and teach the acceptable good trait. I’ve consulted world top breeders on this mnatter, they said, ” when a dog tries to show dominance over you, you are not being cruel to do what their parent dog does to them; grab the scruff of their neck, give them one quick shake and yell fooie into their face.” That sounds funny but it absolutely works. After that one shout we have had a gentle kind family member that would be great with all visitors and passersbiers, yet never stop being our guardian. unfortunatly, the failure at the dominate challenge point, would fortify a negative trait. The owner/trainer is the difference. It’s not the breed. It is the idiot who lets bad traits manifest; like the drugies who let their dogs keep dishing out 70-100 stitches to unknowing passerbiers. An other concern is for families with children. Though you can aquire a wonderful pet from the spca, you take a risk with adult dogs, [they are already programed in their behavior]. You are gambling with your loved ones safety.

  • The facts: Any dog can bite, at any time. No matter how much you train it, the fact is that the majority of dog bites are from dogs who have never bitten before, and the owners are almost always shocked. “Old Spot would never bite anyone!’ WRONG. Putting the responsibility on the kids is B.S. YES parents train your kids. But it is the DOG’S OWNER who is responsible. Do you unleash your dog? Do you claim your dog would “never” bite? Then you’re a fool. This arguing about individual breeds — it’s just common sense folks. If you live with kids, or near kids, why in the world would you choose one of the riskier breeds? Ask any ER doc or vet. Dogs bred to hunt, protect, herd — it’s in their genes. Most pits are probably fine, when well treated. But they were bred to defend a human from a bull. Think about the genetic background of your dog. If you have one, fine. But don’t deny the risk, because your own dog happens to have been a sweetie so far. The animal control guy in our town told a story about a pit bull who literally had to be killed, before it would release the person who lost huge chunks of flesh. It happens. Just be careful. And don’t put the responsibility on the kids, that’s absurd. I’ve taught my kid, but when the next door neighbor turns his Shepherd/Dane mix loose in the neighborhood and scoffs at our concerns, I want to put the leash on HIM.

  • I would like to meat one trully mean dog dogs are not mean they get mean when they are not carred for they are abused and nobody plays with them so next time you make a website you better make sure you know what you are talking about! I work at a animal control place at summer and none of those dogs are mean they have been abused they are sad they are in cages nobody cares for them but you know what i care for them i love all animals they are the world

  • i work at an animal shelter and i know for a fact that yes some breed of dogs have a higher chance of being dangerous because or being breed for security but all dog breeds have the of being dangerous it’s all in the behavouir of the owner and the training and attention the dog receives personally i beleive that pitys and rottys are the best tempered dogs and i’ve be around a lot that have come from abusive homes and have had no training also statistics show and this should be common knowledge but isn’t that small breed dogs are the most aggressive.

  • I own two great dane’s and they are big so they can push you around if they aren’t trained well, but dangerous… seriously??? They are scared of frogs for crying out loud and will run the other way and bark. I have been around lots of dane’s through out my life and not one of them has ever bit anyone. They are big babies, the only thing that seems dangerous about them is there deep loud bark and the fact that they are very large. The little girl across the street from me was horrified of my dogs at first because of their size, but once she was actually around them she realized they are sweet. Now she only complains about the fact that they drool a lot.
    I don’t think the breed of a dog determines whether its dangerous, most dogs I’ve seen that are violent are mistreated or in the case of most little dogs they are not trained and have no rules so become aggressive. The little ones are always the ones I keep my eyes on, they can be vicious.

  • I have a Red-Nose Pit/Leopord Dog Mix The only Problem I had with him was I Got him from a Kid whos Sisters would hit the dog so he did not like women, Once my wife got pregnant that all changed, he still does not care for strange adults coming around without invitation, But I have noticed he loves Children, any child he meets loves him.

  • So how come bull terriers didn’t make this list? As far as I know, they are one of the top killer breeds. They freak me out.

  • hey pittbulls r not mean they r the best dog they r great guard dogs but if u grow them up in a very rough living area yea they would be mean most people use them for fighting but if u would raise them right they wouldnt hurt anybody and rottweilers r the same and germans shephards r very protective i have a mutt mixed with all 3 breeds and he is the nicest dog u would ever meet if u come up and pet him he will bark but its not a mean bark its a friendly bark cuz he just wants to get to know ppl cuz we raised him in a very nice home we love him and he loves us we even have a yorkie and my dog dosent even hurt him cuz they know they r brothers and they will protect and kill for their family cuz they love us and they protect and kill for each other too cuz they love each other <3

  • Fati87
    Do your research… a Bull terrier IS a “pitbull type” so hence when you hear of a pitbull attck they are one of the 100’s of breeds that are misidentified as a “pitbull” everyday. oh and while on this subject, the ONLY registry where you will find ACTUALLY pitbull’s is the UKC and even then it is first registered as a different breed than re-registered as a pitbull. so in other words… THERE ISN’T AN ACTUALLY BREED KNOWN AS A PITBULL

  • I do not know allot about different breeds and any historic origins, i can only speak from experience with dogs in my life and there has been allot. To start off, my ex had 2 dobermans and i used to play with them on my knees and roughhouse a bit to get them going and never once ever saw an aggressive trait. 2nd, i was always skeptic of pits due to the news and what your hear but my buddy got a pit last year named “bear” and he does look damn scary but let me tell you,……he licks my face like there is no end, he plays, hes fun….and never has once shown any aggression, …..he does try to attempt to chase rabbits but we always have him on a leash so we dont know if he would play with them. I am currently sitting next to a black lab at work and he is my fav only because he has that stupid personality and does things that make me crack up, especially trying to rub him butt all over the floor. 3rd, i am still very skeptic of Rottie’s sometimes, i did have one barking at me trying to get at me till the owner locked him up but i just assume he was protecting his owner……Lastly, my girls dad had 2 chow chows and these dogs would fight each other till bloodshed when the doorbell would ring and they would both run at the door. they had to keep them separated for over 6 years which was a big pain in the a**. the chows were fighting one day and the owner tried to separate them and he got a awfull deep bite and needed 15 stitches. The only dog that ever tried to attack me was a little maltese dog which i cant stand anyways. Im just saying my experience, not praising nor condoning. Me and my girl just bought a house and we are looking for a nice dog, thats why i was on this site originally so i can see which dogs are on the bite list so our house insurance is not through the roof. if anyone has any suggestions for us or any links we would gladly appreciate it, my email is [email protected]. We live in Massachusetts and would like to adopt a dog and we are open to all breeds over 70 lbs. thanks for reading, and thanks for all the info already, i have learned allot……ANY DOG CAN BE VICIOUS JUST LIKE HUMANS, STOP PICKING ON PITBULLS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE STRONG AND MUSCULAR!!!!

    • Dogs are not the problem of most behavoior it’s mostly the owners or breeds fallt they must have done something wrong don’t blame the dog I never had a dog before but I know a lot and never buy a mall dog or pet shop dog they might be from mills or back yard breeders and dont put puppies or dogs for sale or put the breed name they all might be from millers or back yard breeders there un healthy bad behavior and might die in a week or so and if your thinking of having a dog go to a animal shelter near you hey that sounds like dogs 101 at the end that is the same thing he said

  • The best way is to start by defining the words “most dangerous”. just like cars, there are very fast cars but these can be overtaken by bicycles. It does not however mean that those cars are slow.

    Some dogs bite to destroy/kill while others can not inflict much harm. Just like snakes, Cobras cause a lot of deaths but are not the most poisonous snakes.

    A gun can not shoot if its trigger is not pulled, so my opinion is Big dogs like Pitts, Rotts are friendly and idle if not triggered just like a gun. Just try to pull the trigger of a loaded gun then uj get the results, the same applies. Attacks of Rotts, Pitts etc are often lethal/life threatening, just like the attacks of guns.

    I rest my case.

  • The best way is to start by defining the words “most dangerous”. just like cars, there are very fast cars but these can be overtaken by bicycles. It does not however mean that those cars are slow.

    Some dogs bite to destroy/kill while others can not inflict much harm. Just like snakes, Cobras cause a lot of deaths but are not the most poisonous snakes.

    A gun can not shoot if its trigger is not pulled, so my opinion is Big dogs like Pitts, Rotts are friendly and idle if not triggered just like a gun. Just try to pull the trigger of a loaded gun then uj get the results, the same applies. Attacks of Rotts, Pitts etc are often lethal/life threatening, just like the attacks of guns.

    I rest my case.

  • that i so true pits were bred to fight. but i have grone up around pits that were abused and none of them have ever tearnd on any of me. in fact i have 3 pits and the youngest zoie we saved from this family that had beeten her and starved her so bad that we thout she would die for sure. it took us 3 mounts to get it ware we could even come close to her but, i found that she liked the kids beter than the grone ups. and it is not the dogs folt it is the oners falt. the dogs arnt boarn mean the people make them that way so that thay can eather gard the person or can fight. and i think that it is sick what people do and that is y when i grow up i am gona go to collidge so that i can open a shelter for pits only and pruve that not all pits r bad like people give them credit for. and if i see a pit beaing abused than i will get it an find a beter home 4 it. that is what i did with my old dog named dog. i was riding my bike with my friends and i saw some boys throing rocks at hem so i took a handfull of the bigest hevest rocks i could find and thrue them at the boys. and asked them how thay liked it. and i took the dog home with me and rased it till last year i came home from school. and went to water hem and he was not as enterjetic as normal. and adout a week went by and he got werse. and i came home and he was just lying thear i think he wated 4 me to come home so he could say good bye. cause he died right thair in my armes. and i did not move from his side all night. then we took hem to my grannys and bearied hem in the pet cemitary. so u see not all pits r bad .