Tech Workers Reveal What Brands Make the Most Desirable Employers

Satisfied employees who are happy with the company they work for will be motivated to put forth extra effort to excel in their positions.

Businesses looking to fill position openings want to attract and hire the most qualified candidates. The goal of job candidates when they are looking for employment is to find a job that aligns with their career goals, offers the best compensation and benefits packages, and has a desirable company culture.

For organizations to attract the best talent, they need to have a clear understanding of what employees want.

Study job seekers’ priorities and motivating factors when evaluating and deciding which companies they will pursue for employment.

Technology companies continue to be dominant as the world’s most loved brands. According to NetBase, a global analytics company, tech brands make strong connections with their customer base, are comprised of both young and mature companies, and use innovative social campaigns.

Because tech companies are fast-growing, dynamic, offer competitive salaries, and have innovative workspaces, they are the most desired industry sector in today’s market.

Hired surveyed 2,349 tech workers in 15 global markets and ranked the companies according to how many people said they would “love to work” or “might like to work” at each organization.

The top global tech brands identified by ranking and location are:

• Netflix – SF Bay Area
• Google – SF Bay Area
• Tesla – SF Bay Area
• SpaceX – Los Angeles
• Airbnb – SF Bay Area
• Apple – SF Bay Area
• Microsoft – Seattle
• LinkedIn – SF Bay Area
• Amazon – Seattle
• Hulu – Los Angeles
• The Walt Disney Company – Los Angeles
• Slack – SF Bay Area
• Facebook – SF Bay Area
• Dropbox – SF Bay Area
• Github – SF Bay Area
• Lyft – SF Bay Area
• Kickstarter – New York City
• Square – SF Bay Area
• Vimeo – New York City
• Zillow Group – Seattle
• Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Los Angeles
• Virgin Hyperloop One – Los Angeles
• Virgin Galactic – Los Angeles
• Blizzard Entertainment – Los Angeles
• DeepMind – London

The tech sector is one of the fastest-growing segments of the global economy. Some of the reasons are the perks, a strong culture, generous benefits, and mutual trust between employees and management.

More than 79,000 U.S. employees provided input to the Best Workplaces in Technology List. Company staff responded anonymously to 50 survey questions.

Employees rated the companies on questions such as:

• Are employees treated with respect and fairly?
• Does staff trust their managers?
• Do you enjoy working with your fellow employees?
• How effective is leadership?
• Is there an opportunity to contribute and innovate to the company’s success?
• Are employees proud of the work they do?
• How does your work environment compare to others in the same industry?

These were identified as some of the best tech companies to work for in 2018:

• Workday Pleasanton, Calif.
• Salesforce San Francisco
• World Wide Technology St. Louis, Mo.
• SAP America Newtown Square, Pa.
• Zillow Group Seattle
• Intuit Mountain View, Calif.
• NVIDIA Santa Clara, Calif.
• VMware Palo Alto, Calif.
• Adobe Systems San Jose, Calif.

Rankings for Great Places to Work were driven by employee feedback. Survey results had to have a margin of error of 5% or lower and a minimum of 95% confidence level.

LinkedIn created the 2018 LinkedIn Top Companies list based solely on the actions of its users. They looked at billions of data points from over 546 million LinkedIn global members. Some of the metrics they used were:

Company’s employee engagement: How many new followers and how many professionals looked at the career page.
Interest in the company: The number of views and connection requests from non-employees.
Employee retention: Do employees remain employed for at least one year.
Job demand: The rate at which job postings (including paid ones) were applied for and viewed.

Some of the top US tech companies found were:

• Amazon
• Alphabet
• Tesla
• Apple
• Oracle
• Adobe
• Dell Technologies
• Cisco
• Accenture
• Tableau Software

LinkedIn found some common trends the top companies shared such as rethinking Healthcare, more emphasis on diversity, and offering more opportunities to make an impact on the company and grow with it.

Once companies know what the most qualified candidates are looking for, they need to adjust their sourcing and recruitment techniques to attract the best workers.

Businesses should adopt new and creative recruiting strategies so that they clearly relay the culture of their company and what the applicant can expect should they be offered a position.

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