Get More Secure As Every Month Goes By

Safeguarding Yourself Incrementally

It can be difficult to prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario when your day is already full with daily life. There’s always some chore which is waiting on the fringes of your daily schedule to knock you off your perfectly choreographed routine.

Say everything’s going fine, you got the kids to school, got to work on time, and finished all your assignments for the day.  Everything’s going great until you put your phone in your pocket the wrong way, turn real quick, and smash the screen against one of the armrests on your swivel chair. You don’t even notice there’s a problem till you’re on the way home, receive an important call, and the darn touchscreen doesn’t function because the glass is cracked.

You’ve likely experienced something like this. Now you’ve either got to schedule a repair or go to a store and get a new phone. The fastest you can get something like this done will be about two hours. Whatever extra things you needed to get taken care of will have to be put off until tomorrow.

It’s hard enough keeping all the balls in the air when things are going well, much less when the worst-case scenario arises. Like most people you probably don’t have time to think about what types of items to have on hand in different abnormal situations. Luckily there is a way to automate things so that specialty products for everyday carry (EDC) is delivered to you on a regular basis without you having to think about it, or spending extra energy acquiring it.


Surprisingly Available Solutions

According to, designer of the original tactical box, users who sign on for their solution will find they now have access to: “The original subscription box for tactical, EDC, and survival gear.” This means every month they receive new survival and defense gear to help you remain safe should the worst-case scenario arise.

And make no mistake, today is a day when a scenario unwanted or expected is likely to arise. From crises in the middle east to the recent Brexit to China’s impending economic bubble to the increasingly common natural disasters, there are many situations where disaster may strike. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed.

But when you get right down to it, it’s impossible to predict the future. Nothing could happen, or everything could happen. It could be that countries manage to solve their differences moments before some extrasolar piece of rock from an exploded star system ten billion-odd light years distant traipses through our solar system and causes havoc.

It could be that a number of volcanoes blow their stack and blot out the sky for a few years, facilitating a famine and economic losses as a result. A tsunami could strike. A solar flare could knock out electrical systems and facilitate chaos. Zombies are probably just fictional, but in light of those other likely scenarios, they don’t seem so bad, do they?

Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed

The point is, you’ll be much better off if you’ve got that which you need, and have no chance to use it, than if you need some kind of emergency product and don’t have it. When traditional social channels of the modern conveniences are cut off, things which were previously garage junk can suddenly become more valuable than gold.

Getting a pack of tactical gear and defense items delivered to your door monthly will gradually build your tools up over time and could be that which keeps you from getting caught in a very bad situation. After all, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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