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How to Rapidly Advance Your Career

Despite possessing much passion for an industry and an eagerness to learn and grow, you might feel as if you’re stuck in a career rut. If you’re filled with ambition and want to climb the steps on the corporate ladder, you must proactively look for ways to grow your skills, knowledge, and reputation.

If you’re ready to secure many promotions and boost your annual salary, read these top tips on how to rapidly advance your career.

Join Professional Organizations

It is not what you know but who you know when climbing the corporate ladder. Joining various professional organizations can help you to connect with many people across your sector who could shape your career.

Most industries have different professional organizations to choose from. For example, if you are an ambitious professional in the technology industry, you could join:

  • Association for Women in Computing (AWC)
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals
  • CompTIA
  • Association of Computer Machinery (ACM)

It could help you to form strong relationships with hard-working professionals, who could recommend you for a senior position at their company, invite you to a job interview, or could provide insightful knowledge that could influence your career.

Achieve a Masters in Business Management

If you want to enter a business at a higher level and instantly secure the trust and respect of members of management, consider a business management degree. It will help you to gain a wide variety of skills, such as the ability to interpret financial statements, develop effective pricing strategies, and lead a team to success.

You also shouldn’t allow a full-time job to stand in the way of your career progression. For example, you can enroll in business management degree distance learning, which will be delivered 100% online and can fit around your personal and professional commitments. It is a great way to improve your job prospects in your spare time and it could even inspire you to start a business venture.

Talk to Your Manager

If you don’t express your ambitions to your manager, they might not consider you when a senior spot opens up in the business. If you believe you have what it takes to lead a team and increase a company’s profitability, don’t hesitate to articulate your goals and put yourself on your manager’s radar. Plus, they could help you to create a path to progression, which will improve your job satisfaction and career prospects.

Don’t Waste Your Time

If your current company doesn’t recognize your talents or offers next to no opportunities for career progression, it might be time to move on from the business. While you shouldn’t walk out on a job, you should apply for vacancies elsewhere and attend various job interviews.

Don’t forget to ask a hiring manager various questions during an interview, as the company should be right for you, too. Otherwise, you could enter a similar position that could stifle your ambitions. Look for a role that offers a rewarding environment and many opportunities for growth.

Participate in After-Work Activities

Many professionals are often so eager to return home to their families that they turn down opportunities to spend time with their co-workers and members of management. However, building strong relationships with your colleagues and employer could help you to climb the ladder at work. It is, therefore, important to make time to attend various social events, such as after-work drinks, seasonal parties, and other team-bonding activities.

Build a Positive Reputation

Make it your mission to be someone who many people will want to work with each day. For example, you should help others when an opportunity arises, take an interest in people’s lives, avoid office gossip, and treat everyone with respect and kindness. It will prove you’re a team player and it will help you to build a positive reputation across the business. Plus, as employers are looking to promote positive, helpful, and trustworthy employees, you could become the first person they think of when a vacancy arises.


Your career isn’t in your current employer’s hands. If you don’t want to remain in the same position for many years or decades to come, you must proactively look for ways to grow your skills and improve your career prospects.

For example, you could benefit from completing a masters in business management, networking with people across your industry, and talking to your manager about your ambitions. With hard work and effort, you could soon secure a senior position in your desired industry and achieve great career satisfaction.

Written by
Amber Woods
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