Offline Tactics For Email List Building

Email marketing may be a form of Internet marketing, but that doesn’t mean an email list can only be build online. There are many offline tactics for email list building, especially for offline businesses wanting to improve their email marketing efforts. Here are ten ways to help build an opt-in email marketing list offline:

1. Offline businesses can place a book or simple sheet of paper near their checkout area for buyers to add their name and email address for updates, news, or special offers. Bands and other entertainers often do this too, when selling their CDs or merchandise.

2. A line for an optional email address and simple check box to confirm email list subscriptions can be added to customer satisfaction surveys.

3. Postcards for easy email list subscriptions can be included in other direct mail campaigns to customers or a company’s target market.

4. Add a newsletter subscription option to bill or invoice tear-offs that are sent back to the company with payment.

5. Add a newsletter subscription notice to any letters or correspondence sent to customers, clients, or others in the industry.

6. Offer email list subscriptions when participating in presentations or seminars.

7. When selling products offline, include a mailing list signup card in the packaging, as an option on warranty cards, etc.

8. Simply ask customers if they would like to subscribe to an email marketing list when speaking to them on the phone, especially with sales or customer service calls. You can also use on-hold messages to mention subscriptions, encouraging the caller to leave an email address with a representative.

9. Add a signup option on forms or applications (such as forms customers fill out to get a grocery store discount card, store credit applications, job applications, etc.).

10. Offer offline contests, and make email list subscriptions an option for notification to winners or to simply receive results and other information. The contest can also entirely revolve around email list subscriptions, by having subscription options on the contest entry forms or as the entry forms themselves.

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