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Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without vehicles. Such things as buses, taxis, cars and motorcycles make our life easier. It has become a usual thing that each adult, be it man or woman, drives a car, which is showing their independence, enhancing their social status or satisfying needs. It also symbolizes some kind of affluence.

Almost 70% of people start driving in school or college. In such a big flow of cars on the streets drivers should be extremely careful and proficient. Driver license will give you a lot of possibilities for traveling or for things you have never done before, but you should always treat it seriously.  

What you should know to make learning more effective

There is no need to say that driving a car requires responsibility. Each of us knows the importance of mastering this skill. Knowing how to drive or knowing the theory doesn’t make you a good driver. These two things are of the same value, but there is a small difference. Good driver knows the theory and can adapt it on practice to real life. Driver test evaluates how you understand situations which occur on the road and your abilities to deal with them.

It is a common fact that in order to do something good you should master the theory. It is an obligatory thing to have such a basis. Only then start practicing. Passing your permit test can be easy or extremely stressful. It depends on how good you know the traffic laws and driving rules; will help you to pass the test with flying colors. There are some hints which will ease your learning.

Why driver start?

There is a huge amount of necessary stuff for all learners. You can find some interesting articles which can be useful for a beginner. There are lots of stories about how to pass the test, tips, hints, recommendations about driving life in general. You can find all these articles in the menu (blog). Besides, it has many advantages. Let’s name some of them:

1. There is no need to register.

You don’t have to bother yourself or waste time on filling the blanks and then checking all the spam on your email. Open it and start practicing.

2. It is free.

Use it as long as you want or as many times as needed for free.  

3. This program is based on driver’s manual.

It asks you what you’ve read and how do you understand it. Also there are a lot of questions that are similar to those that can appear in your test, so be careful.

4. It manages the stuff to learn.

You can choose what you want to drill: laws, signs, driving, rules or situations. Start with separate categories then add one after another. Such way will keep your knowledge fresh and won’t let you forget previous topics.

5. Easy to operate.

There are no annoying advertisements or useless information. Driver Start is aimed at mastering your knowledge. Choose whatever you need and start practicing.

6. Available on multiple platforms.

It works on PC, laptop or smart phone. Besides, you can download permit practice test app on iTunes / Play Market. It gives an opportunity to learn at the bus stop, café, at lunch time, etc.

7. It tracks your progress.

Your statistics shows what kind of mistakes you make and how you are going. It’s easy to track the progress.

How to get the most out of it?

Now let’s find out how to work with the site. It is aimed at practicing and made in a way that is easy for understanding. Once you choose your state, there is a guide which shows important information considering laws, price, necessary list of documents, peculiarities if there are any. These tips are fundamentals and you should know them.  

Whatever you choose (car or motorcycle) there are some stages. First one is – stuff to learn. If you are not familiar with the rules open the .pdf and read them. Hint – read it twice or more then try to understand it. Do not try to memorize them, it will not work. Study all unknown things and situations. If you have read it already go ahead for the second stage – drilling tasks.

Then choose how you want to drill the information – with the help of flash cards or as a list of questions. There is an answer after each question so check yourself or correct a mistake. It really works out your knowledge of the basic theory of traffic signs, signals, traffic laws and driving rules. Figure out your weak points and work on them. Choose only one category, open the book and investigate it.

When you feel comfortable with it go to the practice test. There are two ways to do it:

– 30 random questions;

– Marathon test with all questions.

Hints – they show correct answer in order to enable you to work it out. Write down and think over all the mistakes in order not to make them again. While passing the test do not hurry, because it is one of the common mistakes that learners do. Stay calm and be careful. Read the question slowly, go behind two times, only then start thinking about the possible answer. Practice training test as many times as you need because it will be much easier for you to pass the real one.  

As you can see the structure is pretty clear and has no valueless stuff. Preparing for the permit test with Driver Start gives all obligatory knowledge, skills, also it makes good, conscious driver. Just keep in mind this simple pieces of advice and you will have no problems with your test. Remember, it is always better to understand than memorize.

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