Teenagers Make Money On The Internet!

They have proved again and again that they can be better than their adult counterparts in every way. They can be better than us and overtake us, yet make us feel good about being left behind.

They are our kids, who grow up fast enough to teach us things.

Computers are an integral part of a teenager’s life as internet existed when they were born. They live and breathe chatting, emailing and surfing the net.

Their opportunities online are the same as other age groups; in fact, they have more of an advantage due to all their friends being online and because of their capability of creating huge networks of friends in no time.

If you want to get your teenager started off with earning some money during their vacations or if you are a teenager looking to earn some pocket cash, there are many ways money can be made online. Let us take a look at a few:

Game Testing

The amount of time teenagers spend playing games online, they can earn from this passion. There are game companies that are willing to pay them for testing new games and giving feedback on the games.

Product Testing

There are many websites that sell products related to kids and teenagers. These websites take the help of teens to use their product and let them know if they liked it. This is the way these companies make sure the product is good for their target market. Teens enjoy doing this because they are allowed to keep the product in return for the favor.

Online Sales

Teenagers can join affiliate programs that sell products for the young market, such as CDs, concert tickets, clothes, movies etc. These are the things that youngsters usually shop for online. They can also sell stuff on Ebay and make money.

Using MySpace

This is a social networking site that is a great medium for promoting products and services that teenagers are interested in. Teens can add their friends and get others to join, and build a large network of friends. Once they have a lot of friends, they can then join a good CPA network and find a program to promote, like testing products or games or anything else for that matter.

The idea is to find programs that will be liked by their friends. The links to the program will have to be posted to earn commissions from making sales or when the ads are clicked.

Teenagers will have to take care not to give out their personal information when using MySpace, as there are many unscrupulous elements looking to gather this information.


Many survey companies would like to get teenagers’ opinions and they also pay them to refer their friends to their surveys. Teenagers get the money they are looking for and the survey companies get the opinions they need.

Creating Blogs or Websites

A blog or a website can be created by literally anyone and if people find it interesting and useful, there will be hundreds of visitors. Teenagers can create a blog or a website on a topic that will be enjoyed by other teenagers and the topic can be anything from sports to games to clothes. Once there are a lot of visitors, then monetizing them becomes very easy. There can be affiliate products related to the niche, adsense or even earn money by featuring other businesses on the website or blog. A little search engine optimization using social networking sites and it is all set to take off.


We see a lot of teenagers taking up writing during their vacations. Teenagers can actually earn good money with writing, even if they only spend a few hours a day. Many webmasters like to engage the services of youngsters to get their job done, as they charge far less than the more experienced writers. If the website is targeting teenagers, their writing style will also be liked by their young visitors.

Essay writing is something that can be taken up. They can choose a hot topic, write an essay on it and submit it to sites that pay for such essays.

Other Businesses

There are other things that teenagers can take up in the area where they live. They can find people looking to get lawn mowing, baby sitting, dog grooming etc. Alternately, they can create a websites and advertise their services.

Paid to Read Emails

There are several companies that pay for reading emails. The money they pay may not be much but the work that needs to be done is also very simple. The advertisements that are displayed need to be clicked on. The pay can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per page and will be good pocket money for teenagers.

These are just a few of the many opportunities for teenagers to make money online, either part time or full time. They can work from the safety of their home and parents no longer have to worry about their teenager working late at some far off office.

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  • You write in the third paragraph, “Computers are an integral part of a teenager’s life as internet existed when they were born.” and word the whole paragraph as if to say that today’s (2008) teenager is part of the first generation of teenagers, or any people to have been born after the internet “existed”. That is simply not true, and is entirely misleading. 2008 teenagers were born between the years of 1989 and 1995. They were hardly the first generation to grow up with the Internet!

    Actually, ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the original “Internet” was developed in the 1960’s and launched in 1969. (To be precise, the first message ever to be sent over the ARPANET occurred at 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 29, 1969.) On Jan. 1, 1983: the ARPANET officially changed to use the Internet Protocol, creating the Internet. On Aug. 6, 1991: Tim Berners-Lee, a physicist at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) launched his pet project, the World Wide Web. Perhaps this is what you were referring to (but simply didn’t know or else were being lax in your terminology – the World Wide Web is *part* of the Internet, not the Internet. However, even at the time of the “birth” of the WWW, the “about-to-be” teenagers were kids born in 1979. Or are you referring to the generation that was born after late October, 1991? Those people are now 16, it’s true. But you could have been much clearer. Personally, I was born in 1973, and was online in 1985 – I was 12. By “being online” I obviously mean that I was in contact with other people over the Internet, the majority of whom were older, but certainly not all.

    Here is some more history to put it into context:

    Before the WWW, ordinary people (i.e. people who were not necessarily scientists), were connected to the internet via their modems (in 1978 Hayes begins to sell the first commercial modem, capable of 300 baud.) At the end of the 1970’s, and throughout the 1980’s people started connecting to each other via their computers using various protocols and service such as (and these are not listed in order of invention or availability) AppleLink, Q-Link, PC-Link (all of which would later become America Online), Prodigy, Compuserve, BBS’s (Bulletin Board Services), Newsgroups, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), etc….

    I get what you were trying to say, but not only was it poorly worded, it was misleading. Hopefully you will post this reply for people who are interested in a more researched/knowledgeable perspective. Where do you think the workforce for the “Internet Bubble” of the 1990’s came from? Not the toddlers to pre-teens that your article is about!

  • @ S. J. Fine

    “Computers are an integral part of a teenager’s life as internet existed when they were born.” This sentence or the paragraph does not say anywhere that “today’s teenager is part of the first generation of teenagers.”

    Since the article was written recently, it should be pretty obvious that we are talking about 2008 teenagers, who are between the ages 13 and 19 today, and not someone who WAS a teenager years before.

    If you try and understand the idea behind this article, you would know that it is meant to give a basic idea on how teenagers can make money online. Today’s teenagers were born and raised in a digital world, where computers and internet existed and are therefore well-versed with them.

    Having said that, I must thank you for your comment. It would have been better to say “today’s teenager.”

    Hope that makes the article more readable!

  • This is a scary new world.
    Most of the kids i know teach me a lot of new things about the internet, and a lot of them really makes a living online. Some of them win more money on the web than I do working in a eight hours a day job.

  • Dont forget about Yuwie,,,It is like myspace ,,But you get paid…You can Upload videos,,create blogs..upload picturesand more…Also unlike myspace this is a family friendy site

  • Basically im fully aquiped with internet, computer consoles, and ive been trying to look every where for a chance for a 15 yrOld teen could Start Testing Games, or Products. as im am very excited to see what is in plan for the future of todays market industry.

    i do not attempt to make money, but it would be a nice side of the job, also would it be possible to send me the links of these stats, and also what where these gamer, product and surveys sites. the olny one i can find is toluna.com and that has technical problems and does not let you transform pints in to vouchers or raffles