The Best Flight-Booking Times for 2020

It takes a good deal of guessing to find affordable flight deals, keeping in view the fluctuating prices on different flight-booking websites. The team behind travel app Hopper recently reviewed a few billion flight plans in 2019 to help you book advanced flights for holidays throughout this year.

For instance, if you’re planning for Memorial Day in advance, Hopper recommends booking four weeks earlier for lowest fares. Similarly, if you’re planning a trip home for Thanksgiving, the last week of October is the best time for cheap deals.

Advance bookings in January aren’t bad either. Hopper estimates airfare prices will remain relatively low in this month and start increasing in February through June. Put simply, if you’ve finalised your plans, you should consider booking flights just about now.

Here are some other findings by Hopper:

  • For Easter, book in the week of Sunday, 1st March.
  • For the 4th of July, book in the week of Saturday, 6th June.
  • For Labour Day, book in the week of Monday, 3rd August.
  • For Christmas, book in the week of Friday, 30th October.

For additional details, see Hopper’s travel cheat sheet which includes suggestions on useful hotel deals also.

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