The Difference Between Organic and Natural

Welcome to the politically correct, physically fit, no one should be overweight or have a bad habit age! It’s tough to live in a world where seemingly everyone is dieting, everyone is working out, and everyone is trying to live the prefect, healthy lifestyle. But this is also the reason that lifespans are longer. This is also the reason that people tend to feel better about themselves.

Why 40 is the new 30!!!

…Or why they say that 70 is the new 50. It all boils down to better health, fresher foods, better eating habits and exercise habits. People take better care of themselves. Age isn’t as debilitating and devastating as it used to be, at least not as early in life for most people. We as a society have learned thanks to breakthroughs in science and nutrition, that taking better care of ourselves leads to a better quality of life. Less people smoke, drink alcohol and eat mass quantities of junk food. More people work out, run, and monitor what they eat.

One big breakthrough in regards to nutrition is the introduction of organic foods and the realization that natural, healthier foods are better for us. But aren’t organic food natural? Aren’t natural foods and organic foods the same thing? No, simply put, they are not. There are difference between organic and all natural foods, though both tend to be good for you, natural foods may not be and often are not as healthy as organic foods. Let’s take a look at the difference.

Natural Foods

Natural foods are simply foods that are grown or bred naturally; they are not altered in any way, they are not synthesized, their genetics are natural and so forth. The problem is that natural foods are not regulated as heavily as organic foods, so natural doesn’t mean that it’s not processed and it doesn’t mean hormones or other artificial stimulants aren’t used. Natural foods might have been exposed to steroids, pesticides, and other “unnatural” substances.


Organic foods must receive a stamp from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) stating that they are purely organic. This means that they use entirely organic means to raise or grow foodstuff. No hormones, synthetic pesticides, or any other man made contaminant or additive can be used in the process, and it is a progress that is severely monitored and heavily regulated.

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