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Information regarding various therapies including massage and acupuncture.

Lists available counselors including their programs and therapies.

In-depth tools and resources on hypnosis sessions and valuable forums.

Overview of the book by the practitioner on healthy dietary practices presenting general incorrect notions and historical accounts of the medical uses of hypnosis.

Conducted therapies and service details by Paul Ian Mostman.

Sketching details about hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with recommending Hypnotherapists.

Encircling Hypnosis therapeutic processes and Spiritual Alchemy to treat mental and emotional conditions with The new Regression Therapy Manual.

Portal for practitioners, students and patients, with forums, courses, articles, an e-zine, and products for sale.

Provides Music and hypnosis based CDs carrying healing powers.

Rich source of Hypnosis products including MP3s and E-Books.

Dean Montalbano offers non-medical therapeutic services and tools including booklets, CDs for treating disorders.

Collection of Self Hypnosis CDS and MP3 with downloading facility with free newsletters and E-books.

Hypnosis training, certification, products, and other resources. Includes NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP).

Explaining form of hypnosis Trance dance with basic self-hypnosis guides and online available personal training CDs and DVDs.

Includes links, articles, news, hypnosis dictionary, clinical discussions on the mechanism, reviews of books about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and free motivation software.

A complete directory of hypnosis sites and blogs for clients and practitioners.

Online listings for practitioners, training centers, stage hypnotists and where to find the tools needed for such practices.

Hypnotherapy-Services are based in Devon, UK and provide hypnosis and hypnotism to assist people to become the best they can be, whether in health, wealth or happiness.

An online community centered on discussions and articles specifically directed at hypnosis.

Online and phone based hypnosis including a educational section on hypnosis for therapy.

News and quick facts covering a wide range of hypnosis information.

A hypnosis practitioner focused on hypnotherapy for the benefit of the user.

Educational site covering all areas of hypnosis for the purpose of knowledge, training and personal growth as well as online certification courses.

Resources, books and software both for free and on sale based on metaphysical topics.

Provides services and explanation of services related to hypnosis geared towards weight loss and smoking cessation.

Biography and explanation of offered treatments with fees and contact references included.

Professional dedicated to providing products and services for habit control and emotional disorders.

Background information as well as an introduction to hypnosis for clinical reasons.

Information, FAQs and articles on respected psychologists with a background in hypnosis to help their patients.