10 Insane Products You’d Never Expect to See Canned

Funny canned productsSo you think you have seen lots of weird foods and products and it’s hard to surprise you?

Maybe, it isn’t that hard after all!

This post lists 10 really weird things some people decided to sell canned for some reason.

Some of them are fake, some are real – but in either case those are odd!

1. Canned Weed:

Canned weed

2. Canned Hot Dogs

Was there any particular reason to product a canned hot dog?

Canned Hot Dogs

Or wait there’s also a cheeseburger! The whole fast food concept is re-thought now:

canned cheesburger

3. Canned Brown Bread

Canned Brown Bread

4. Canned Baptism

“Wash away your sins!” I don’t need any of this, but I know someone who does…

Canned Baptism

by KitschKat

5. Canned God

Like the above one but it is actually not funny… Now, stay calm, this is just coffee I guess:

Canned God

by *snapdragon

6. Canned Assholes

Manhattan style…

Canned Assholes

7. Canned Radiation

Selling an empty can of air and claiming it was full of radiation was a sort of an attempt to remind people of Three Mile Island nuclear accident. The six suggested uses indicated on the label are:

  1. Remove label and tell your enemy its laughing gas.
  2. Energy free night light (illuminates in darkness).
  3. Mix with cold cream for that radiant beauty.
  4. Instant male sterilization (sniff twice daily).
  5. Use as a room air freshener.
  6. Toothpaste recipe: mix 3 to 1 ratio with basking soda, for ever glowing smile.

Canned Radiation

8. Canned Armadillo

Am I the only one who doesn’t think it looks tasty?

Canned Armadillo

9. Canned Eggs

I really don’t see the point:

Canned Eggs

Canned Eggs

10. Canned Horse Milk

Canned Horse Milk

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